3 Responses to “Short Haircut for 2014: Jenna Elfman’s hairstyle with side swept bangs”
  1. Austin says:

    Is there such a thing where you get side bangs that you can push to either side? What I mean is that I want side bangs, but I part my hair to different sides from time to time. Can I get side bangs that can parted either side? Is it called a triangle?

  2. Chris R says:

    i have side bangs, cut like:
    but i can never get them to dry right.
    how can i style them so they actually look like
    because i know they can….. i just dont know how

    srry if that was confusing

  3. soccermaster1 says:

    So I want to get a new haircut and I was thinking about getting side bangs. I have black hair that is thick and wavy. Could someone tell me what face shapes work well with sidebangs? Also does it make you look younger or older? What are side bangs good for?

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