Layered razor cut bob

Layered razor cut bob

Layered razor cut bob

Picture of Layered razor cut bob:

This is a cute layered razor cut bob hair style for women. Chelsea Kane wore her cute ‘do with lots of volume and textured layers while attending the ‘Nylon’ magazine celebration of the newest young Hollywood issue.

2 thoughts on “Layered razor cut bob”

  1. have faith says:

    i think i have a square face..and my hair is now shorter and i have a side bang..but it gets a little poofy..but i really want a bob thats like sharp(like punky?) but like straight..but idk if it will work..but im not sure..maybe somthing like Rihannah or Posh have but not like so drastic..but is there a way without doing layers cuz i think thats whats making my hair sooo poofy..or cuz its growing out idk
    or just any general ideas..somthing diff to do that would look good with a side bang(sorta wanna keep it-security blanket since cut long hair off) yeah
    so any ideas for a round/square shaped face?
    my hair is like shoulder lenth
    im wanting somthing diff

    or should i go back to what i used to have just long layers like to the shoulders and a side bang?

  2. superdork says:

    I want to get it cut to about sholder length soon, and my hair always bobs when I cut it to that. Would straightening it help? (I’m getting alot of layers, a kind of “emo” haircut)

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