Layered Razor Cut for black women

Layered Razor Cut for black women

Layered Razor Cut for black women

Picture of Layered Razor Cut for black women:

Viola Davis wore her adorable ‘do with lots of piecey texture. This is a great short sleek hairstyle for women.

4 thoughts on “Layered Razor Cut for black women”

  1. Agent 47 says:

    ok well i have been thinking about geting an emo hair style and im 15 and a guy well i want my own kinda style not like other emos you know i wana make it my own well i want it straight down my face pointed in the ends and also dyed with like blond streaks on the bang. and right now my hair is like 5″ should i cut it now or wait a little more oh and pictures that are similar to what i want might help if there are any also what might be good besides the bang like what should i do with the back? thx so much.

  2. skillz says:

    How to ask to shave? For Girls?
    I am SOOOOO scared to ask! I really would like to shave (legs, underarms, maybe ”down there”) because I am thirteen and in gymnastics, it is embarrassing! I have such hairy legs and the hair is like, black! Is ther any way I can drop hints about either of them? In the car a few days ago I said, “Hey mom! Look, my mosquito bites are almost gone on my legs (hid legs) ewwww my legs are so nasty,” Mom: “Why?” Me: “They are so hairy…” Mom: “Welllllll” and that was that and she went on with a different topic. PLEASE HELP!!!! The only reason I want to shave ‘down there’ is because when I wear a body suit at gymnastics, hair is ‘leaking’ out the side of the body suit down in that region so please don’t say that is too extreme or I am too young! Thank you for all the help!

    Additional Details
    Also when did you start? Do you think I am old enough because I really do not want to get an answer of no you aren’t old enough…

  3. Mackenzie P says:

    i washed my hair one day then fell asleep on it i woke up and now its like 4 centimeter’s from the middle then it splits up so i push it to the side and it stays but then it go’s back and shows i hate it please HELP

  4. Jeffery Carlson says:

    I want to go pixie cut short in the back with a lot of layering in the front and I was wondering do I have to use shears to cut my hair or can I go straight with a razor. If so what recommended guard should I use? How exactly do I layer the top? Photos will be used to show what exactly I’m looking for but not exactly that kind of combination lol.

    I have African American hair, my last relaxer was about 4-5 months ago and my curl pattern is wavy and curly and at the roots it’s kind of kinky.

    Hair length right now:

    The length I want:

    The length I want to keep in the front and sides (a bit shorter though):

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