Morena Baccarin Cute layered razor cut hairstyles

Cute layered razor cut hairstyles

Cute layered razor cut hairstyles

Picture of Morena Baccarin Cute layered razor cut hairstyles:

This is really a cute short black razor haircut with layers. Morena Baccarin wore her hair in shiny tousled layers at the UNICEF Playlist With the A-List event.

5 thoughts on “Morena Baccarin Cute layered razor cut hairstyles”

  1. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    If I had to name one…screw that, I can’t name one. The most beautiful people in Hollywood to me are: Selita Ebanks (Victoria’s Secret Model), Miranda Kerr (Victoria’s Secret Model), Candice Swanpoel (Victoria’s Secret Model), Katy Perry (Singer), Kim Kardashian (Entrepeneur), Natalia Vodianova (Supermodel), Gemma Ward (Supermodel/Actress).

    Here’s a morphed photo of all of the above together http://www.morphthing.com/showimage/2/7196324b419bf289e19d35b4202ba6c7/0/35469771/Most-Beautiful-Women.jpeg

    Who’s most Beautiful to YOU? Do you disagree with any on my list? or AGREE? 🙂
    Hahah it’s definately not a pic of Britney Spears, she has ONE t in her name (: It looks nothing like Brit, bb (: Here’s a pic of my morph, to prove it http://www.morphthing.com/image/35469771-Most-Beautiful-Women?key=7196324b419bf289e19d35b4202ba6c7
    MATT!!!!! I agree wholeheartedly. GURL IS FIERCE. Love me some Jocelyn.

  2. Rkmc says:

    I Love the comic hero movies, spiderman, batman, Superman, Xmen..I would love to see a movie like that with Wonder Woman…teenage girls these days could use a empowering female superhero. Are there any wonder woman movies at all?

  3. Joey 01 says:

    Either creepy dark science fiction, or just science fiction. Think 30 days of night, Star wars, star ship troopers, Star trek (the new movie) alien, zombie movies……

  4. SteveO says:

    Hi, Can someone please tell me the name of the actress of who plays the Ori leader in Stargate SG-1, as I would like to download photo’s of her, and links to any websites would also be nice
    I would appreciate it if someone could help me out on this matter!

  5. encyclopath says:

    I guess this question is more for lesbians and straight men.
    I’m gay and I think she’s really beautiful!(No sexual thoughts whatsoever, so don’t say it.)

    What about you?
    @The artist formerly known as T; Loved Firefly too. 🙂

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