Sharon Lawrence hairstyle

Sharon Lawrence hairstyle

Sharon Lawrence hairstyle

Picture of Sharon Lawrence hairstyle:

Sharon Lawrence turned up at a pre-Oscar party wearing her hair in short, casual layers with a military jacket. This is a great layered razor cut for women.

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  1. white man says:


  2. Keaton says:

    For those of you that aren’t aware of what her shorter hairstyle looks like.

    My hair has been a little longer than shoulder length since September now and two and a half weeks ago, I got it cut into a long bob. I loved it and everyone complimented that I look better and more mature and professional with shorter hair. Unfortunately, my hair grows like crazy and the bob has already grown out and I’m going back to the salon, and I think I want to go even shorter. I’m caught between going for a shorter bob than I had before, so it doesn’t grow out as fast, or chopping it all up into a style as seen above. I’ve never had hair as short as seen above. Should I go for it? If not, feel free to suggest other short hairstyles. I included some pics of me for ha has.

    http://distilleryimage10.ak.instagram.com/4b7705b8676511e398a41237e7ba9c62_8.jpg old when i still had longer hair
    http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/af098c506abb11e3acde0e9baaf0c28b_8.jpg right after I got my hair cut

    both are pretty bad pictures of me but give you an idea.
    Also, IF I decide to go with Jenn’s hair, do I just bring in a picture to the hair stylist? Thanks!
    Or.. as seen below, didn’t realize the picture of Jennifer Lawrence would post at the bottom haha.

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