Short layered hairstyle with bangs

Short layered hairstyle with bangs

Short layered hairstyle with bangs

Picture of Short layered hairstyle with bangs:

Short hair trends 2013: layered hair style with side bangs

Olivia Thirlby attended a screening of ‘Being Flynn’ wearing her short layered ‘do with sweet side-swept bangs.

5 thoughts on “Short layered hairstyle with bangs”

  1. Mak Sultan says:

    My hair is pretty long (it comes to just below my… er… chest area) and I have really short layers, like mid ear, and whenever I try to put my hair into a french braid or ponytail all my layers fall out, and there is only the very small amount of long hair that I have left! Any tips for how to keep my layers in place without using tons of bobby pins/hairspray? Or any cute updos or hairstyles that work with this type of hair?

  2. thinkthought says:

    So i wear extensions EVERY day and my real is like medium length with layers. I want to get a cute haircut thats like a bob sortaa. Can you find me any pictures? Like ones of the back of the hair? I would apreciate it soooo much!

  3. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    i used to have really thick hair and i got it thinned like a month ago.i miss my old hair well i miss the way its all thick and the reason why i got it thinned is that i wanted to make it more manageable but it turned out my hair looks all limp and stuff.i want to get short layers so it looks more thick but still the texture is still thin.

    i have oval face but my cheeks are kind of chubby
    and i was thinking my cheeks will look more skinny if i have short layers..?

    i want to get this hairstyle

    what do you think?should i go for it?
    my hair is long 5.5 inches below my shoulders
    i was thinking of bangs like this

  4. D3ZZY says:

    ok its kinda like freaky friday only like darker and more like not disney lol. this mom and daughter get in an accident and the moms spirit is on her daughters body, but they can’t figure out where her daughter is. and the moms body was buried and whatnot…

  5. ericmreitz says:

    I had hair about 3 inches past my shoulders and my shortest layers were at my ears, which was the shortest I would ever want them to be. I went to the hair stylist and asked for a trim. She TOTALLY botched my hair, my shortest layer is two inches. It doesn’t even amount to a hair style. And she cut my hair shoulder length. I even told her to leave the layers alone. I don’t know what to do with it, and the first day of high school is the day after tomorrow. I can’t put it up, and my bangs only go down to halfway down my forehead. I have no clue what to do, can anyone help me please?
    If you don’t have any hairstyles I could try, could mousse work? Or hairspray? It looks terrible I really appreciate it!

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