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Natural Curly Hairstyles for African American

Natural Curly Hairstyles for black women

Kelly Rowland Natural Curly Hairstyles

Picture of Natural Curly Hairstyles for African American:

Here is a new stylish natural curly black hair style for long hair. Kelly Rowland swept her glossy voluminous curls back to show-case her ornate earring, this is one of the most popular natural curly hairstyle. If you love this style, why not try it now?

One thought on “Natural Curly Hairstyles for African American”

  1. cardskid22 says:

    I have soft, thin “good” hair. It’s curly by nature, but I straighten it all of the time. During the summer months, straight is not the way. Sweat, water, and humidity causes my hair to curl and wave. I love the look, but am unsure as to how maintain it because I’ve never used chemicals on my hair. Any suggestions?

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