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Renee Olstead Long Layered Haircuts

Renee Olstead Long Layered Haircuts

Renee Olstead Long Layered Haircuts

Picture of Renee Olstead Long Layered Haircuts:

A sexy long blonde hair style with layers. This casual yet stunning hairdo is easy to re-create at home with the right tools and products and will need regular trims every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends. Do you love this sexy casual blonde hair?

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  1. Phillip123 says:

    I am completely caucasion with naturally blonde hair and grey-green eyes. My father had light brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes, and my mother was a natural blonde with grey-blue eyes.

    My husband is mostly caucasian, but his paternal great grandmother was Burmese. He has black hair and black eyes. His father had black hair and hazel eyes, and his mother had blonde hair and black eyes.

    What are the chances that our kid could inherit the blonde hair?

    Thank you very much!
    A smart blonde doesn’t exist? Lol, that one IS funny…my sister’s a natural blonde, and she’s in Mensa. She’s also a published author at only 23 years old…

    You were saying?
    asd: We don’t necessarily want her/him to have blonde hair; we were just talking about it and we wondered what the actual likelihood was.
    Anne.A: We don’t care either way; we were just curious as to how likely it would be, seeing as he has Asian genes.

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