2013 Long Wavy Hairstyles – Formal Wavy Hairstyles

2013 Long Wavy Hairstyles Formal Wavy Hairstyles

2013 Long Wavy Hairstyles

Picture of 2013 Long Wavy Hairstyles – Formal Wavy Hairstyles:

Jessica Biel wore her dark tresses in tousled waves.

2 thoughts on “2013 Long Wavy Hairstyles – Formal Wavy Hairstyles”

  1. ScRSC says:

    I am a 14 year old BOY and I want to gro long hair(15-25 inches) to donate it because my friend has a brain tumor.my hair is really light brow and almost a little dirty blond and a little bit wavy. So whst are dome styles for that type of hair for:
    How would I wear it for formal events, football and basketball. Should I, or is it too corny

  2. Seth says:

    Okay, I’ve had thick hair since I can remember. My hair always gets frizzy, the thick part of it, I cant do anything about that as my hair is naturally thick. Can someone please help me? When ever I shower, if I leave my hair to dry naturally for like 20-25 mins, it will get REALLY frizzy and look like I have antennas coming out. If I towel dry my hair, it will still get frizzy, but not as much. I used to use hair gum, I prefer that to gel or wax as hair gum is a more thicker and non liquid substance, I hate using gel as it makes my hair look wet and it gives it that crispy feel to it. I have STRAIGHT hair, but when it’s in humid conditions, it gets frizzy, this is basically how my hair looks like now:

    It’s A LOT more straighter than it looks like this pic, but frizzy as well. So my question is, is there any way I can stop my hair from getting frizzy? I use this anti frizzy olive oil, but that makes my hair look a lot more frizzy honestly….when ever I get a haircut, I always get my hair thinned out, but it stays thin for like 3-5 days, after that, it looks like I didn’t even get a haircut.

    here’s another pic of how my hair looks:

    its a lot shorter than this picture but a bit more wavy, still straight though…

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