Long Wavy Hairstyles with Headband

Long Wavy Hairstyles with Headband

Long Wavy Hairstyles with Headband

Picture of Long Wavy Hairstyles with Headband:

Latest hair trends: This highlighted hairdo is parted to the side and dressed in waves through mid-lengths to ends giving this casual style movement and shape. She wore her hair in long subtle waves. This is a great romantic long hairstyle for dating.

3 thoughts on “Long Wavy Hairstyles with Headband”

  1. The Beatles says:

    ok i really want to look suuuperr cutee for school but i dont know what to do with my hair?? any ideas i have a straigtener curling iron and hot rollers…my hair is blonde medium long and wavy and i have side swept bangs..pleasee help thanks!!=]

  2. PillowMan1234 says:

    I am going to be doing football cheer this year at my high school and I need cute hairstyles. The problem is, because my hair is so long, I have to wear it up. Nothing can be down, not even my bangs, unless they are hairsprayed so much that they won’t fall in my face. This wouldn’t really be a problem, but I hate my ears. They stick out, and I just don’t like wearing my hair up because of them. Any cute ideas for how I could wear my hair for the games?

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