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Medium Wavy Prom Hairstyle from Eva la Rue

Medium Wavy Prom Hairstyle from Eva la Rue

Medium Wavy Prom Hairstyle from Eva la Rue

Picture of Medium Wavy Prom Hairstyle from Eva la Rue:

Eva Maria LaRue is an American model and actress. She is best known as Doctor Maria Santos on All My Children, and was a cast regular on CSI, she showed off her chestnut brown highlighted locks while attending a Hollywood event. This is a great medium wavy hair style for prom!

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  1. Matthew says:

    Well i cant figure out any to put its a saving people book sort of romantic but not the main thing. heres the first chapter

    Chapter 1

    “Let me tell you a story, Sophie” I said as I perched her on my bed.

    Yesterday, Sophie had turned eight; I figured I would tell her since my parents told me at eight too. It was then I noticed her talking to me that I stopped glazing into her big green eyes.

    “Amy!” she whined.

    “Yeah?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts.

    “You said you would tell me a story!” she groaned.

    “I am” I smiled and ruffled her light brown hair.

    “Yay!” she clapped in happiness.

    I walked to her, clasped her hands in mine, and sat by her. I noticed the black covers of my bed already messed up. I turned to her just to see her staring at me. I hesitated then sighed.

    “16 years ago on August 17, 1992, 4 babies were born into St. Maria’s Hospital.”

    “Just like you, Max, and Sam!” she commented

    “As I was saying, 2 of each gender. The Doctors realized that the four babies had an extra organ near their shoulders. They needed to investigate so they held the babies in a month longer than usual. They tested and tested but could not come up with anything. They held a meeting with the four pairs of parents and discussed that their children were different. The extra organ absorbed sunlight providing the babies more energy than needed. The effect was incomprehensible, that the parents just had to wait and see what happens. The parents couldn’t believe what these doctors where saying. The Doctors insisted they go to the same school and grow up together. As he said that one of the pairs of parents got up. They weren’t convinced by these doctors hypothesis. They were concerned with their kid so they just left the hospital with their baby girl in their hands. They did not want anything to do with these “crazy people” so they moved out of California. I guess they couldn’t handle the truth of their child being different. As for the other kids, their parents agreed and moved near each other. The kids today are going to attend Los Santos High School”

    “Isn’t that the school you guys are at?” she asked.

    “Yeah we are,” I said. I didn’t expect her to comprehend the story. It took me at least 2 minutes to figure it out.

    “Wait so what does the organ thingy do to you?” she asked.

    “Well” I gulped in shock.

    “I know this is really like cliché but we have abilities,” I explained to her.

    “Ha ha ha! Like super powers” she said loudly

    It hurt me that she couldn’t believe me when I said that. Super Powers wasn’t the word because we didn’t save people we just lived a normal life trying not to use them.

    “No, because we don’t save people or anything of that stuff” I sighed and turned away.

    “What can you do?” she asked standing up.

    “Why don’t you get your stuff ready for your first day of third grade?” I asked leaning down towards her.

    “Fine” she said and scampered down the hall to another room.

    I walked to the door and closed it. I went to the window and pushed aside the black curtains. They revealed a dark night with just the glowing moon shining from afar. I admired its beauty and was mesmerized. I shook my head and walked away from the window. I grabbed my notebook from my glass desk and sat on my bed. I opened and took the pen attached to it. This notebook was like my journal. I thought and began to write. After writing a page, I glanced at the time on my phone. It said 11: 07 pm and I yawned. I put my stuff away and turned off the light. I snuggled in my covers and lay there. Drifting into my dreams wasn’t soothing but weakly frightening. The reason was I could see the future in my dreams. They were always unclear and I could not tell when it was going to happen. I never told anyone of this ability. Not my parents and not even Sam and Max. I wondered what tonight would be and gently closed my eyes. My head cleared up and I saw endless space of clouds. The sun showed brightly on my face. I walked a few steps to only see something floating in the air. I covered my forehead to see clearly and saw a symbol. There and then, the floor disappeared and I was falling through the air down to earth. I woke u p and rose from the bed. I found myself sweating and panting for air. I closed my eyes and saw a heart pierced with a knife. I opened them again and thought what it could mean.
    Chapter 2

    “Bing Bing!” yelled out my alarm.

    I reached for my EnV and turned off the alarm set for 6:45 am.

    “First day of junior year here I come” I moaned and slipped out of my bed.

    I walked over to my closet and skimmed through some shirts. I stopped and smiled at my black body-hugging shirt. It had red roses and a grey lace swiveling around them as a design. I picked out my favorite black skinny jeans and a stud belt. When I was dressed, I put on my black low converse. I walked over to my dresser and brushed my medium sized black hair. I sighed and ran to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and head to the side of my desk. I grabbed my black Jansport backpack and head downstairs. My mom was downstairs sipping some coffee and writing something down. My mom was exactly like me Black Hair, White skin, medium sized except I got my dad’s green eyes.

    “Hey Mom” I told her while stuffing the granola bar in my backpack.
    Hello and why don’t you eat today? She said glancing up.

    “Mom I don’t have time Sam is going to come any minute to pick me up” I groaned.

    “Ok Honey” she said

    “Beep Beep Beep!” my phone rang.

    I opened the text message labeled Sam. It read, “Hey I’m outside your house! Haven’t picked Max yet” I opened my phone to type with the keyboard. I texted “ok I’ll be right there”

    “Bye Mom Sam is outside” I said kissing her cheek.

    I ran outside to see his blue Silverado truck. It was an ok truck but it only had three seats in the front. Sam, Max, and I are best friends. I can always trust them. We never fought or had even the slightest argument. I ran up to it and tapped the glass. A tall man with blond styled hair, close to tan skin and brown eyes peered at me. He was wearing a green shirt and jeans. He stepped out and opened the door for me. I sat near the window then leaned towards him and kissed him on the cheek.
    “Hello Amy” he said smiling showing his perfect white teeth

    “Hey Sam” I said while buckling my seat belt.

    “Beep beep beep!” my phone rang revealing a text from Max.

    I opened it while Sam drove. It read, “Are you guys going to pick me up or what?” I laughed opening my phone. I responded, “We are like 1 block away”.

    “Tell him we are 1 block away,” he told me

    Oh yeah Sam can read minds. Max can too but they work differently. Sam’s doesn’t work if you do not want him to be in your mind. However, since people don’t know of his abilities only our three families can keep him out. Max’s can’t read Sam’s or my mind since we have the organ.
    “I did but I guess you already knew that” I said

    He slowed down until we passed a red house with a beautiful garden. A medium sized man with spiky black hair, white skin, and blue eye stepped out of the house. He was dressed in all black like me. He ran up to the car and opened the door. I scooted over to the middle seat as he got in. I kissed him on the cheek as he buckled up.

    “Hey Max” I said

    “Hey Amy your looking wonderful today” he said

    “Thanks you too” I said retunring the compliment

    “Well you guys are we going to have fun this year or what?” I said starting a conversation.

    “ I guess” they both said as the same time.

    We all laughed as we pulled into the student parking lot.
    Sorry Guys, but i havent written chapter three. Im 14 and i have homework to do. Im hoping it can turn into a book someday!

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