Sexy Layered Center Part Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2013

Sexy Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2013

2012 – 2013 Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Picture of Sexy Layered Center Part Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2013:

Don’t love the side swept bangs? How about the center parted one? This is really a beautiful medium length wavy curly hair style. This fun and fancy curly hair style is perfect to balance out a long face and is easy to re-create on fine to medium hair. If you love it, why not have a try?


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  1. Michael says:

    im getting my hair cut tomorrow and i want to show pictures to the hairstylist so does anyone have pictures of side swept bangs?please give me as much pictures as possible
    also,do side swept bangs look good with layers on long hair?
    thank you

  2. cardskid22 says:

    About 3 months ago, I went to go get my hair cut. Before this, my bangs were about an inch past my eye brows and I swept them to the side. But then, it happened. The lady saw how dead my hair was (I had bleached it white) and decided to cut all the dead pieces off my hair. She cut my bangs to about a half inch above my eye brow. I was so pissed, and so I just pulled my hair back. They’ve grown now to about the length of my eye brows. A little bit longer (not even a half inch) below my eye brows. And well, now I want side swept bangs again. But I don’t know if I have to get them longer or if I can work with what I’ve got. I know longer if ideal, but, obviously, I can’t just make my bangs any length I want them with the snap of my fingers (or else I’d of done that 3 months ago).
    So I’d like to know how long my bangs should be before I can do the whole side swept thing, or if I can try to do it now. And I have tried to do them to the side many times, but it always ends up looking wrong. I don’t know if it’s because my bangs are too short or if I’m not styling them right or what. So please, if you can help, that would be swell. :)

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