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  1. Roar me R says:

    I want to remake myself completely. I’m not happy with myself as I am, and I get the feeling that no one else is either, so I want to change things. Please don’t leave me messages saying, “You’re fine as you are!” I know that it isn’t true, and I need to take this step in order to be happy with myself.

    I figured that I would start with my appearance. I have a hard time choosing makeup, hairstyles, and clothes that flatter me. Maybe if you could give me a few websites that’d help me with this, or some general tips?
    Oh, your answer was wonderful, especially given that I didn’t have a picture. Don’t worry!

    I would have posted a picture, but it’s not something that I’m really comfortable with for a few reasons.
    Oh, your answer was wonderful, especially given that I didn’t have a picture. Don’t worry!

    I would have posted a picture, but it’s not something that I’m really comfortable with for a few reasons.

  2. mal_functiongeo says:

    I’ve kept a long haircut for a while but it’s starting to bother me. I’m 17, Asian, I have really small eyes but my ears, mouth, and nose are regular size (I think). I wear rectangular black frame glasses. I’m not sure if that’s important, but all I see in pictures are men without glasses. I do have contacts but I prefer wearing my glasses.

    My head is big and oval shaped and I have a high hairline and a long neck.
    My friend suggested, sorry if it’s offensive, a hitler youth haircut. (short sides and back, longer on top)

    Here’s pictures of me:

    The top photo is my hair combed upwards a bit.
    The second is from a side view.
    The third is my regular hairdo. Bangs cover the forehead.
    The last is my forehead.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Brian says:

    Idk I want something new. Any other suggestions are welcome(Such as hair dye, techniques, ect.)

    I’ve only dyed my hair once and it was to get lowlights and a shadow. They didn’t work very well and the only time you can see it is the shadow, and that is still very faint. I don’t even think you can see the lowlights anymore lol.

    Hair now:

    Hair pulled back so you can see my face shape(ignore the acne. I’m working on it -_-):


  4. jordenkotor says:

    I would like to get my haircut. I had gotten side bangs 1/2 a year ago and i dont like it anymore. I dont like side bangs or side parts anymore and have been sporting center parts everday for the last month or so. But since i use a center part and had side bangs, my bangs are uneven. they are longer on the right side. Not only does this look strange, it annoys me alot too. I do not like having short bangs or bangs in my face. I prefer them long, at least to my chin, or long enough that they can be put behind my ears. Length wise, my hair is on the longer side. It goes to the end of my armpits, if not just barely past them. I am going to get my hair cut in a week or two and would like to know how i should i tell my hair dresser to cut it. I dont want it to get any shorter. I actually am wanting it to grow 5 inches longer (to my ribs). I always had layers but i am thinking i dont really want layers. If i must get layers, very suddle ones, i kinda wanted my hair all one lengthish or the illusion that it is anyway. How should i tell my hairdresser to cut my bangs? do my layers? how do i make sure my hair stays pretty much the same length? and how to i get the trendy haircut i am looking for? i dont want to look like a bum. lol. i have found celebrities with hairstyles or cuts i want my hair to look EXACTLY like. I will list the links here and if you guys could look at them both and tell me what i should tell my hairdresser to get my hair EXACTLY like that, that would be great.
    1.) (lucy hale) ( i really want my hair like lucy hale’s here! thx)
    2.) (ashley greene NOT SHORT HAIR PLS)
    but for the Ashley Greene photo i would like my bangs a little longer than that so basically IDENTICAL to Lucy Hales. Thx :) <3

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.! =) I REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH. thx to you all <3333 best answer gets 10pts!!!
    by the way if it helps or makes a difference, i have naturally straight hair thx

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