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Pageboy hair style

Pageboy hair style

Pageboy hair style

Picture of Pageboy hair style:

1950s hairstyles for women: Pageboy hair style

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  1. Flash Funk says:

    i know i know, this question has been asked so many times! but i was wondering if there was a perfect hairstyle out there =]. okay so i’m an asian girl with black hair that goes about 3 inches past my shoulder and i have sidebangs that go down to my jaw (no not the chin, the jaw). i’m just wondering if you guys know any cute hairstyles that i could wear to school? thanks so much!

    and please, no random and crazy hairstyles like afro puffs or ponytails sticking out like antennas. hah oaky thanks soooo muchhh!!!<3

    happy holidays‚ô•

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