Side view of pageboy hairstyle

Side view of pageboy hairstyle

Side view of pageboy hairstyle

Picture of Side view of pageboy hairstyle:

Rose Byrne wore her pageboy haircut subtly curled under while attending the ‘Cosmopolitan’ Fun Fearless Men and Women of 2012 event.

2 thoughts on “Side view of pageboy hairstyle”

  1. Cole says:

    My hair is honey blonde and long, I have straight bangs and I need to do something new with it. What is the new trend in your country? I prefer not to dye it, nor do I like the look of a piece of hair with multicolored threads wrapped around it, it’s too boho 🙂 Putting a very thin necklace in the hair while keeping it in a bun looks quite nice, but do you have any more ideas?

  2. Hannah says:

    Ever since I can remember I’ve LOVED everything vintage. Mainly 50s/60s.. So right now I have long hair. its about 8 inches past my shoulders. REALLY thick. I mean REALLY REALLY thick. like I could make some rope outta this stuff thick lol. Right now its weighed down of course, but it can get a lil on the poofy side if i don’t fix it. Well I want to cut my hair, and I’d really like to get something vintagey. Which of course means cutting it shorter. Right now I’m just in love with one of Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyles.. Well it occured to me that if I cut my hair that short it might go poof CRAZY on me and I wont have Marilyn hair I’ll have an afro.. Sooooo before I go chopping it all off, is it a terrible idea to cut my hair like this being I have such thick full hair or would it be ok? And if anybody has any other ideas that would work with my hair type but still have that vintage feel please tell me 🙂 Thanks

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