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Trendy cool stylish short pixie hair style for women. This spiked pixie cut is from Natalie, who is an American R&B singer and songwriter.

  • therundown2k3

    I have probably a diamond shaped face and quite chubby cheeks. I want to make my face look thinner, and I also want to change haircut. Now, my hair is dark and a few inches past shoulder length.
    Do you prefer Karlie Kloss’s bob or a pixie cut perhaps like Jennifer Lawrence? And which one can make my face look thinnier?
    What are the trends for next summer?

    10 points to best answer. :) xx

  • Mc L

    Currently my hair is right above my waist, I generally love long hair, but I was thinking about cutting it till around my collarbone area since there are quite a few split ends… I’ve never had short hair, and I’ve heard guys typically like long hair so I don’t know what to do… (I’m 15 and brown hair)

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