Rough edged short haircuts for women

Rough edged short haircuts for women

Rough edged short haircuts for women

Picture of Rough edged short haircuts for women:

Evan Rachel Wood Hairstyle: the pixie cut, this is really a stylish short haircut for women.

2 thoughts on “Rough edged short haircuts for women”

  1. Joey 01 says:

    I don’t get it. I try my hardest to do good for myself and I don’t get the girl.I don’t really care about the race of a girl I date I just care about their personality.But I can’t get attention from black women as a potential boyfriend figure I’m just a friend or they think I’m nerdy just because I talk different and walk with a different attitude than all of the guys they see on BET.

    I’m sick of being ignored and looked at as a weirdo or nerd because I don’t dress like they do or talk the so-called way a black person is supposed to talk, or because I’m short, nice,intelligent, fat, talk too much, need a haircut,whatever.

    I try hard to keep my mind of dating but it haunts me all the time.I really want to ignore the problem and have fun without ever thinking about it but it really does suck that these women count me out before they know me.If they did they would know that I am a catch.

    Only thing I get is attitude or ignored and I have never had a girlfriend.I’m not a nerd there is no way I’m smart in common sense, ideas, tactics, and entertaining a crowd.I’m not weak and pathetic because I win all of my battles and I fight for myself.I’m not afraid of anything, I stand up for what I think is right, I’m creative (really into the arts),I learn martial arts moves and practice fighting techniques, I’m a hard worker and am very respectable not a blemish on my record and a lot of people would do anything to help me if I needed it.

    But I guess they don’t want that because it sounds to good to be true and that’s why I have always been single and never dated and going on 21.

    Do I qualify as a good black man or The Nice guy that women really want.

  2. kerrin marz says:

    Ok fictional family, one name per person.

    Pick a last name.

    Dad – dark hair, green eyes, tall, average built, works with his hands, is a heating an air conditioning service man.

    Mom – dark hair, dark eyes, pretty face, slender, small framed, generous and thoughtful

    Oldest daughter – dark hair, pretty blue eyes, shy, artsy, low self esteem, dates all of the wrong people.

    Second daughter – dyed blonde hair, green eyes, struggles with weight issues, is a nursery school teacher, has a take no mess attitude.

    Oldest daughter’s live in boyfriend – he is average in looks, shaved head, rough around the edges, a few years younger then the oldest daughter who is 24, he treats the oldest daughter terribly.

    Second daughters husband is of Spanish origin. he is short and husky, he is family oriented, and let’s his wife wear the pants in the family.

    The second daughter has two children a boy (8) and a girl (5) the boy is rambunctious with big blue green eyes and dark blonde hair he is into video games and cartoons.
    the little girl is adorable with blonde hair and blue eyes, she looks like a mini Cameron Diaz.

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