Short Black pixie hairstyle

Short Black pixie hairstyle

Short Black pixie hairstyle

Picture of Short Black pixie hairstyle:

A classic boy cut for women

2 thoughts on “Short Black pixie hairstyle”

  1. Keegan says:

    … that would suit a 16 year-old girl with a round-face?
    Pictures would be nice, thankyou.
    I have medium brown hair that is almost half way down my back. It is very thick.

  2. evil chevy says:

    Ok So i really want a pixie/short hair cut
    this is mehh:

    maybe you can give me some links
    and.. can you tell me what you think my face shape is..?
    thank you.. x
    Atm i dont have short hair i have medium.. its just tied back
    and please dont make fun of my culture.. okay.?
    Beacause TBH ITS RUDE. if you didnt know.

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