Side view of pixie haircut

Side view of pixie haircut

Side view of pixie haircut

Picture of Side view of pixie haircut:

Short and sassy is what this short hairstyle is all about. This cute short pixie cut is from Ginnifer Goodwin. She sported a side parted pixie cut this time, great for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

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  1. Dr Hank says:

    So I’m 5’5″, thin but with curves, and very pale. I have long hair (about to mid back) that is sometimes really blonde and sometimes almost brown. I’m currently growing my bangs out and they are almost chin length at this point. I have hair on the thick side of average and very straight with curly ends (IDK why), and an oval face with a neck on the long side of average. From what I’ve seen, long hair makes me look younger, and shorter (collarbone length) makes me look older. I’m sixteen years old. I’m going to get my hair cut soon, and I need some ideas. Can anyone give me some suggestions on cut length and style? :) It would be much appreciated to hear an unbiased opinion.
    Please, and thank you. :)

  2. Michael K says:

    I’m planning on cutting my hair real real short and maybe dyeing it platinum or white (but that’s very unlikely).
    People think my jet black hair suits me most, so maybe I won’t dye it but I am going to cut it. If you believe a pixie cut doesn’t suit my face then please advise other short haircuts that does.

    Front view:
    (far left side)
    -Please and Thank you!-

  3. Scott W says:

    What I look like now.

    Haircut I want to get well actually theres two and I’m trying to decide,r:10,s:84&tx=64&ty=104
    Yes that is Emma Watson I love her:)

    or the second one down.

    I really want something alot shorter and more managable but if you think neither would look good im open to other options.
    Dude, seriously? I didn’t ask you if I was attractive or not. I don’t need you petty imput. Do you seriously go around the internet saying things like that? If you do I feel very sorry for you, because I have a life and you don’t.

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