Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles – Long Sleek Hairstyles

Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles - Long Sleek Hairstyles

Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles – Long Sleek Hairstyles

Picture of Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles – Long Sleek Hairstyles:

Olivia Wilde wore her hair in an elegant sleek ponytail

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles – Long Sleek Hairstyles”

  1. skychi99 says:

    I used to have longish hair with a side fringe, which I loved. It was so versatile (but quite thin) and I loved not brushing it and just sweeping it up into a side ponytail and leaving my fringe out. Then I cut it off, and had really short, choppy, edgy hair for a while, which was dyed loads and generally a bit of a mess but I worked it well. Now, it’s conditioned, sleek, smooth, healthy hair, literally shoulder length, a wee bit shorter than this:


    I’m getting bored now though, and my side fringe is really long and lanky. I don’t want to go short again – I want to grow it back to its original length – possibly longer – but I’m just so bored of it. I think I have a nice face, and it’s just not shown with my flat, dull hair. Any suggestions? Like layers, different types of fringes.. Links to pictures would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks! xxx

  2. Tyler H says:

    Thank you so much for looking at my question 😛
    So I’m getting an italian weave put in my hair soon- curly, to match mine. I am from the UK.
    question 1. Will the weave be a different texture?
    question 2. Are italian curls similar to british?
    I have found the closest match to my curls and colour. The colour is the strawberry blonde and I’m specially ordering them in 20 inch soon.
    Here is a link, if it doesn’t work, just copy it to the web address bar: http://www.eihairextensions.co.uk/Curly-Hair-Extensions/Sleek-Crazy-4-Curls-16-inch-Italian-Weave/p-158-323/

    So I am going to dye my hair and the extensions when I get them. The reason why is because the strawberry blonde is very similar to my hair colour and I want it to turn out the same. My own hair is pretty damaged due to straightening.
    These are the dyes I might use:


    question 3. Which dye should I use on both my hair and the extensions?
    question 4. Can I dye the weave when it’s in my hair, it’d make everything easier.
    question 5. Would it turn out like the colour on the boxes.

    So yeah, last question. My hair is shoulder length and i’d say a little on the thin side. It looks quite thick when curly though.

    question 6. To get my hair 20 inches, how many rows of weave will I need (2/3) or more?
    question 7. Will they need layering, ie, I cut the weft into a 16 inch, 18 inch and then 20 inch so it looks layered and not just short and long?

    Thankyou so much! Will answer or try to answer some of your questions and give a best answer to anyone who answers all these or tries to!
    Much appreciation!

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