Loose Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

Loose Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

Selita Ebanks Loose Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

Picture of Loose Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Women:

Here is a new stylish loose curly ponytail hair style from Selita Ebanks, if you are looking for a curly ponytail hairstyle, this may be a good one which is popular in this summer.

2 thoughts on “Loose Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Women”

  1. Hotshot t says:

    ive got suppppppper curly hair, like the kinda curly hair people would pay miiiiillions to have, not kidding. everywhere i go people always tell me how much they love my hair, and i don’t even no them. they’ll like stop me in the mall and be like ur hair is awesome and ask me if it was real. so it’s really that curly. whoa, was just reading this, so not bragging or anything, i just want you guys to get the idea that my hair isn’t loose waves or curls at the end but tight curls all over. they’re not big curls more like little tight curls, but not iddy-biddy ones. my hair is pretty long and i used to have side-bangs i straightened everyday but then i decided not to cut them one day and now i keep them curly too and they go down to about my jawbone. i just want to know if anyone has suggestions for me to do with my hair. i do the regular: keeping it down with mousse, and sometimes putting it all up, which doesn’t always compliment my face. i have a round face as well and an olive skin tone. my hair is pretty long and its brown with a few blonde highlights. im Mediterranean so if that helps any. i just want some really cool hairstyles that i could do in the morning before school so i don’t always go everywhere with the same hairstyle. my hair isn’t fuzzy or dry, and im quite content with my mousse, i don’t want a whole bunch of extra stuff to gunk my hair up with. thanks!
    my face is kinda ovalish more than roundish
    Sprintaa, im pretty sure if half the people at your school think u perm ur hair, then we must have the same hair because my school has over 1700 kids in it and ive been asked dozens of times if mine was permed too =D i dunno if a perm could exactly do the job tho eh
    i dont have afro hair, just because someone has curly hair doesnt mean its an automatic afro. i no someone who would love to pick a bone with anyone who believes that

  2. evil chevy says:

    I have waist length, thick hair, and although I like having it loose it’s not very practical. Aside from simple pony tails and braids, what other hair styles can I try?

    (I can do french, dutch and rope braids, if that helps.)

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