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Black Retro Hairstyle

Black Retro Hairstyle

Black Retro Hairstyle

Picture of Black Retro Hairstyle:

You may be surprised, but a lot of people still like The Rachel Haircut of 1995, and every day look online for a picture of it to take to their hairdresser. It was the hottest haircut of the 1990s, and today it’s probably the hottest retro hairstyle.. Dita Von Teese styled her hair in smooth retro-inspired curls.

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  1. Jon P says:

    race? Yes that is a weave, and I’m not ashame of being black, I just like my hair straight and long. Why do people think if a black woman wears her hair natural that she’s proud “sistah” and the one with the weave is self-hating? I understand when you have women walking around with straight up blonde hair and blue eyes but other then that how is it self-hate?
    racist or rude comments will be reported, just to let you know before you answer.
    I’m African, I know to braid, twist etc.. with my natural hair, I had it natural most of my life. However I just want it long and straight if a white woman with naturally straight hair wants it curly is that self-hate?
    I encourage my friends who want to go natural to wear it natural. Many women who wear relaxers (which I don’t) have problems with breakage and that’s why they wear weaves. I don’t wear weaves all the time, most of the time I wear my real hair which is shoulder length, sometimes I like to spice it up. Men don’t like weaves, oh well then those men don’t have to be around me. I have a man, he’s find with it so who cares what you or other men think.
    My weave is still curly and not that much different then my natural hair texture, just longer.
    Bartz you sound like SWP from youtube….are you him?
    blinky maybe your describing women you know, I don’t spend all my money on weave nor do I hate my natural hair texture.

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