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Boy cut with Bangs

Boy cut with Bangs

Boy cut with Bangs

Picture of Boy cut with Bangs:

Having a boy cut with the bangs is another way to play it safe. These bangs make the boy cut ultra feminine and chic. Ruby Rose sporting a Zack Morris–style boy cut.

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  1. Willie says:

    So I looked up bangs for girls and I don’t like the pictures I seen.I like the guys better.But I don’t want the bangs coming from the back,Trust me it grows out very thick and takes forever to grow.I cut mine like that in November 2008 and there just now a few inch’s past my collar bone(they were Straight/blunt bangs form the back)

    Kinda like
    at 2:44 Alex Evans
    or that guy at 3:08

    I don’t care if emo is dead.I’m not talking about scene hair.Talking about emo boy hair.

    Post pictures
    It’s what I like and its my hair.And I can cut it anyway I want to.
    Also how can I get volume out of my bangs,I use Tresemme 24 body Shampoo and the matching condtioner and it makes them hard to style thats why I’m cutting them.
    Everyone at my school thinks emo means wearing all black all the time and looking the gay white junk(rock).I hate living in a racist area.

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