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Boycuts for women

Boycuts for women

Carey Mulligan Short haircut: Boycuts for women

Picture of Boycuts for women:

This is Carey Mulligan latest short pixie cut. If you are looking for a great cute short cut, this cute boy cut you may love, a lot young ladies wear this cut recently.

Source: Bauer Griffin

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  1. veemodz says:

    Okay so yeah I love dressing girly…so now I’ve changed my emo/punk appearence and need help to try to figure out the do’s and don’ts and what to wear and stuff 🙁 please someone help. I wanna start dressing like this as soon as possible. Love Me ^_^
    Um idk tight girly shirts, jeans cute stuff ya know…nothing big yet such as skirts cause im not ready for that level of braveness
    But I don’t know what to look for in sizes like for anything except hoodies….i just bought a few really tight (clearly) girl hoodies. but as for the panties and other stuff I don’t know, like what kind of blouse and how far to go with it like completely female or what…. 🙁 mmm this is harder then I thought it’d be

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