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Celebrity Boy Cut

Celebrity Boy Cut

Celebrity Boy Cut with Bangs

Picture of Celebrity Boy Cut:

Here is a short haircut from Renee Zellweger. Her short boy cut with highlighted swing bangs is chic and sweet and it shows off her gorgeous green eyes.

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  1. Vultre9 says:

    2 Stories:
    1. We have 3 classes together, since the whole school year, but he NEVER talks to me, & i don’t talk 2 him cuz i’m scurd(scared) o; How do i get him to notice me, or want to talk to me?
    2. After school, I see him waiting for a ride, & it seems as if i’m invisible, how do I get him to notice me?
    hey, what can i say, I like making friends (: lol Thanks, any answer will be appreciated, but just don’t tell me to talk to them, mckayy :b
    We both have so much in common, gosh, thats why I like them so much! ~

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