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21 Stunning Silver & Platinum Hairstyle Ideas for Spring

Winter’s cold weather may continue into the spring, but it’s a great inspiration to wear these stunning silver-ice and frosty-white styles!  If you’re a fan of platinum-blonde or anyone in need of a blonde style update, this trendy gallery shows exactly how to wear the latest and coolest blonde shades ever!

Formal elegance with chic rose chignon

20 Ways to Show Sliver and White Hair for Spring


After a long winter we all look forward to seeing some pretty flowers in spring, but whilst you’re waiting why not try this gorgeous rose chignon!  In selected white- and beige-blonde shades this is a sophisticated and contemporary look that everyone will admire!  Stiff, fine wisps of hair add just enough sharpness to balance the curves!

Divine romantic bridal hairstyle

This is a luxury, high-end look we tend to see on European royals and ambassador’s wives!  It’s also a wonderful blend of neutral-brown taupe and soft-blonde styled into the perfect bridal look! The loose, flat head braiding and textured chignon at the nape show the colors beautifully and romantic wisps complete this divine, modern look!

Winning messy white milkmaid braids

This matte-finish, messy white-blonde style has dark roots that create color depth and accentuate the braid patterns.  On a center parting, with chunky strands left loose to frame the face, this is a fabulous contemporary take on the tousled milk-maid look!

Wispy gossamer French twist in silver & gold

This gorgeous color scheme blends rose-gold, pearly blonde and silver in a messy French roll, created for a trendy bride’s maids of honor. The texture and light radiating from the French twist create a gorgeous, spun-gold look in this sophisticated modern look!

Winter-white & sassy-silver party curls

Want to make an impact at a New Year party or during crazy, spring-break celebrations?  This snow-white and silver curly bob is perfect for creating a youthful, extrovert image!  And if you also happen to have blue eyes, this asymmetric layered bob is tailor-made for you.

Trendy beige-blonde straight short bob

This model has thick, straight hair that’s perfectly suited to a short bob with a smooth, chic finish.  The modern look is accentuated by cute dove-gray balayage on the tips, forward styling and the indistinct side parting. ‘Ear-lobe’ length and diagonal side-swept bangs are great for ‘shortening’ a long face, too!

Dainty pearly white-blonde pixie for fine hair

20 Ways to Show Sliver and White Hair for Spring


Although the cut is very short at the back and sides, this trendy boy-cut is very feminine!  I love all-over blonde styles without dark roots, creating a more natural and pearly look on fine hair.  The longer top-tresses have cute, tapered tips which also adds to the dainty look!  With a sexy red lipstick this look really rocks!

Fantastic frost-textured pixie on natural hair

My brunette pixie looks exactly like this when I’m shampooing it and I’ve often thought how good it looks!  This flattering winter/spring haircut’s inspired by frosty ice crystals and looks fabulous on oval faces.  To keep it blonde all-over, you need to bleach your growing roots every few days.

Amazing asymmetry on edgy white undercut

White all-over blonde is suitable for every hair-fashion style, as you can see in this shaggy/punky cut.  The back and sides are shaved and long, swept-over layers with sharply textured tips accentuate the movement.  And with edgy undercuts you also have the option to style as a cute, chin-length bob!

Futuristic dual-blonde fauxhawk

Normally this style would only be suitable to ‘lengthen’ a short forehead or to slim a round face.  However, this is a stunning statement hairstyle that emphasizes the model’s high forehead and long face shape in a beautifully streamlined design.  The futuristic vibe comes from the edgy, shaved undercut and the fabulous, pearly-blonde shade!

Glamorous long bob with defined waves in beige & white

What’s the best feature of this attractive hairstyle?  Is it the lovely waves framing the face and accentuating the angled profile?  Or is it the exquisite blend of taupe and palest gold blonde, highlighted with white balayage?  Or is it that the whole design is softly glamorous in a pretty and feminine way?  Definitely has a strong ‘man-magnet’ vibe, anyway!

Smooth & simple pearly sophistication

If it’s not thick enough for longer styles/geometric bob cuts, fine or medium hair can look fantastic in a long, A-line bob.  This smooth, pearly blonde cut features a side parting, plus extra-long bangs that sweep to the side.  Subtle light beige roots help create interesting vertical dark/light texture in this elegant, profile view!

Cute sci-fi silver hair with vintage waves

This highly fashionable look is a fusion of several beauty ideas, mixed together in a super-cute new way!  The main color is shiny silver with gorgeous gray balayage and subtle tones of purple and green.  And the deep waves styled off the forehead are from the fifties, along with the cat’s-eye black-liner!

Beige & silver balayage over white ombré with brown roots

The question is: how light can you bleach natural brown hair?  Well, not as light as this pearly white ombré with silvery balayage, I’m afraid. This color combination is best achieved on fair hair, with roots dyed warm brown, for a white-gold ombré that stays healthy and glossy!

Lovely long straight matte style in white-blonde

This white blonde shade is highly fashionable and will be for some time to come!  It suits paler skin tones, but you need an expert colorist to select the best shade for you.  This model has a warm undertone to her complexion, so a neutral beige-blonde would be the best choice to reduce her red skin-tones – rather than this white-blonde with pink tones.

Trendy natural-look ash-blonde bob

This model’s skin has a warm undertone and that means she can wear ash-blonde shades successfully.  There’s a hint of fashionable ash-blonde roots, and silver balayage around the face and ends creates a pretty frame.  The touch of volume around the bottom helps make a long chin appear shorter and wider!

Sexy cascading waves in white & silver

This gorgeously sexy look shows how to blend white blonde with silver, pale gold and brown roots in a brilliantly balanced color scheme!  Dark roots, plus height on top, help lengthen a wide or round face.  Golden-blonde highlights accentuate a lovely forehead and silver ripple-waves frame the eyes and lips!

Adorable driftwood-gray & blonde braids

This color combination will also take you through summer, as it evokes the look of bleached driftwood on a beach perfectly!  And it’s a sophisticated ‘down’ style with a mix of three braid techniques.  There’s fishtail and normal flat-braiding, underlined by a darker strand and the flowing loose waves are decorated with a casual, pulled-out fishtail braid!

Stunning aubergine roots & white blonde smooth bob

Dark colors like this deep purple root color look best against medium, olive or darker skin tones.  If deep plum lipstick suits you, then you can probably take deep violet/purple and dark red shades!  This choppy-tipped, blonde bob for fine/medium hair includes lavender tones to soften the contrast.

Romantic & elegant bridal hairstyle

Despite the model’s casual denim waistcoat, the first impression you get from this neutral blonde style is romantic!  This beautifully soft half-up hairdo is perfect for a winter/spring bride or her maids of honor.  Love how pale taupe roots emphasize the lovely patterns created by three slender braids!

Will you be trying one of these fabulous new hairstyles for spring?  Let us know your favorite styles and colors and what you think of the gorgeous silver and white hair color trend!

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    for about 2 years I’ve been pulling my hair at the top of my head and its near the scalp to get my hairstyle perfect and i just noticed a few days ago that theres a long bald red patch at the top of my head
    also i accidently pulled out a big clump when it got notty (about the size of a 10p)
    its really noticeable especially when put up (like in a ponytail and theres no hair covering it)

    its the 6 week summer holidays
    so im sure some hair will grow back in that time
    but im scared when i go back to school if its still there people might start asking me about it
    im just covering it up the best i can at the moment but its still pulling it a bit

    any tips or information on this at all? 🙁

    e.g will a lot grow back in 6 weks time

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