Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircut

Picture of Graduated Bob Haircut:

This graduated bob is angled down towards the front to sit under the jaw-line which is great for those looking for a style to balance out a long face shape. A great short haircut for Oval, Oblong, and Diamond face shapes.

3 thoughts on “Graduated Bob Haircut”

  1. Maggie says:

    Alright, so here I go!

    I really want a unique or cute haircut,for a heart shaped face with thin hair.My problem is that I want something cute or unique and edgy but nothing too short because I love to do stuff with my hair. Images really could help! I love anything and everything as long as it’s not too short. Please help, I have no idea what kind of haircut to get… Ten points to the best winner?

  2. isk8at818 says:

    hi guys! k so i got this uglyyyyyy haircut…its a bob. T^T and i look like a grandma. but i think it would be okay if i fixed it a lil…one of the worst things is that its like a cone. D: it’s all skinny at the top but then at the bottom it poofs out. im dying of embarrassment…-_____-” some advice plzz? 😀 could someone please tell me how i can get rid of that stupid poofy thing? WITHOUT straightener or hairspray, plz. :)) and if possible, could you also include some styles or something that might make it look better? its about an inch below my chin. what styles could i do with that…i tried tying it to hide the poof but i have been told by my mom and a few honest friends that it looks uglyy. i have also been told i have an extremely cute face, but the haircut killed it. -.- blehh.
    plz help! thnx in advance! XDD

  3. sethburger says:

    Are they in style?
    what are some similar haircuts that will suit?
    Please and thanks x

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