Victoria Beckham Graduated bob

Victoria Beckham Graduated bob

Victoria Beckham Classic Graduated bob Haircut

Picture of Victoria Beckham Graduated bob:

10 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Graduated bob”

  1. Nick says:

    I have brown hair and a lot of people say i would look good with short hair. I’m use to having really long hair so i’ve always been afraid to cut it short. I want a funky kind of look. If you could send me pictures or links to pictures that would be great. =)

  2. The Dark Knight says:

    i am not allowed to dye my hair yet so please give suggestions>

  3. Matthew says:

    If you’ve have round face, curly/wavy, fine hair…did you ever tried getting a bob haircut like the one Victoria Beckham and Rihanna are rocking right now? Does it work on you?

    Just wondering as I’m contemplating to cut my hair and have no idea what style to try…..

  4. Christopher J says:

    i 18 and ive never changed my hair style just my color.. i have a long face and really long hair.. i asked some of my guy friends they said they hate short hair should i go for it or no??
    if u wanna see a pic email me

  5. Rassling Fundamentals says:


    I like this hairstyle very much (:

  6. Taylor G says:

    its like

    abit longer than a bob haircut.

    the longest it gets is about the middle of your neck.


    ist reallyyy short at the back; it stops where you baby hair stops.

    then it slowly gets longer at the front

    so at the front you have 2 massive phat framing strands. that stop at the mid of your neck.

    whats this haricut calleddddddddddd

    if you think its called something , but not sure , just tell me anyway

    so i can google it

    the right answer gets 10 points


  7. Sahil says:

    i have a rough idea just to make sure before i try on my daughteror know of any free resources that can help me

  8. The Beatles says:

    I want to cut my hair kinda like Victoria Beckham or Jenna Jameson how thier hair is longer in front and short/stacked in the back..does anyone have some really good pics of that kinda hair stlye.

  9. shahedC says:

    I am cutting my hair short for the first time ever and I think the only short style that will look good on me is this hair style that comes down to a point a little below your chin and is longer in the front than it is in the back. It has volume and isn’t flat. I know this is hard question, but does anyone know what it is called or can anyone find a picture that matches the description ? I’ve been looking and can’t find anything anywhere. I’d appreciate it.

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