Light to Dark Ombre Hair

Light to Dark Ombre Hair

Latest center part hairstyles for women

Picture of Light to Dark Ombre Hair:

This is a great center parted Light to Dark Ombre Hair.

2 thoughts on “Light to Dark Ombre Hair”

  1. RuMKilleR says:

    okay so basically i wanna ombre my hair (basically dye my ends lighter) so i did today, and well, its not noticible. i mean its kinda orangey brown (what i expected) but its really dark and faded.

    so im not allowed bleach like on its own, so my mum just let me get a blonde dye (i dont get it either!) and i chose schwarzkopf live salon style ultra light blonde (shade 9-1) and left it on for about 40 mins, rinsed and applied the conditioner provided. but my hair hasnt made much difference and i was wondering how long i should wait till i can dye again? oh and is there a way for me to cancel out the orange tones slightly (my hair has a lot of red in it)

    oh and i cant use like bleach on its own, my mum just lets me get blonde dye which i know has bleach but hey i gotta listen to what she says or i wont be able to do it all! also if you recommend any products i’d like to point out that i live in Greater London, UK so any drugstore stuff would be good. thanks 🙂
    no im not allowed to dye whole hair and grow it out, that answer doesnt really help me cause my mum is letting me dye my hair and i know the risks…

    okay thannks chey, and no im not called mariana 🙂

  2. Mackenzie P says:

    I did ombre on my hair about a week or two ago, I’m not really liking it at all.
    I don’t want to cut my hair because if I do cut it, it’ll be very short and I just got it the length I want it to be at…whats the best way to get it somewhat back to my natural hair color (dark blonde-light brown) as easily as possible?

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