Anne V Long Straight Hairstyle for Women
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Dramatic Lowlights – Anne V Long Sleek Hairstyle for Summer

Classic long sleek blond hair style for summer! Here is Anne V’s latest hairstyle, she wear a sexy flat-iron straighten long hair recently.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Anne V, knows how to make simple work for her benefit! Born in Russia, this tall, gorgeous supermodel is named Anne Sergeyevna Vyalitsyna. However, she is more commonly dubbed affectionately as the shorter and easier to remember moniker Anne V by her colleagues and fans. Appearing here in Beverly Hills, Anne V opts for straightforward elegance with a long straight cut. Dramatic lowlights made Anne V’s long straight locks look super-thick and full.

Her blond hair is parted in the center and is bone straight through to the tips. This no-frills look works for Anne V because we can be dazzled by her bold eyes, darling green dangling earrings, and 100-watt smile! Find more long straight hairstyles here.

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3 thoughts on “Choppy Short Platinum Blonde Bob with Scarf”

  1. Ramblin Spirit says:

    okay so in december a hairdresser bullied me into dying my much loved platinum blonde locks dark brown. i have hated it since day 1 and have waited all these months to dye it back to white blonde. i live in the UK and i’m probably going to buy a product called Affinage Eraser which im hoping will take out a lot of the dark dye! Then i’m either going to use a pre lightener and buy a white blonde dye OR just bleach it til pale yellow and use a toner like i used to.

    Will this seriously damage my hair?
    Which option is best?
    Also if anybody could recommend an amazing super moisturing shampoo/intensive conditioner it would be much appreciated! My hair is still a little dry.
    my hair isnt naturally platinum blonde! its a light ash brown colour naturally.

  2. Christopher J says:

    So I’m going to go silver/platinum blonde tomorrow, getting it done at a salon obviously! My roots are a ashy dark blonde and at the moment the rest of my hair is like a light golden blonde. How much up keep do you reckon I would have to have on my roots once I go this colour?

  3. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I wanna new hairstyle. I have blonde hair and I want an emo hair cut. Does anyone know any gd websites or pictures ?

    Thanks <3
    A message to Dharok –
    Go play in Traffic !

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