Easy Simple Short Haircut: The Pixie Haircut

Have you ever tried the pixie cut? Is the short pixie cut for you? Check out these pictures for different ways to wear pixie hair styles. Depending on the cut, the look can be boyish or ultra feminine. Extra length in the bangs or at the crown create more styling options to play with. Check out these pixie cut pictures to find your next short hairstyle!

Short Pixie Cut
Short Pixie Cut

For a super feminine short hairstyle, try this cute pixie with bangs. More hair to play with makes this a versatile look – you can style it smooth for everyday, add some tousle for the weekend, or bring on the height for a special event. This is also one of the best pixie cuts for round faces. The longer hair and bangs can be styled to add height at the crown, elongating the face. Check out some pictures of Ginnifer Goodwin for inspiration.

Celebrity Short Pixie Cut
Celebrity Short Pixie Cut

The pixie cut puts your face front and center. From the side, this cropped cut emphasizes the angle of the jaw, cheekbones, and line of the neck. Play up the feature of your choice with earring, blush, or a statement necklace. Some length in front of the ear and at the neck adds feminine softness to this boyish cut.

Boyish Pixie Cut
Boyish Pixie Cut

Hair can be personalized even with the short length of a pixie cut. From the front, short bangs are worn at an angle across the forehead. A bit of length at the crown is worn tousled for some playful height. Another ket to this look is maintaining groomed brows. If you love these styles, why not try it this season?

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7 Responses to “Easy Simple Short Haircut: The Pixie Haircut”
  1. Caltel T says:

    How should I cut my hair? Sorry I can’t get a picture (if someone tells me how to then I will try). Basically, I have hair about 24inches long and I want it at least 10 inches shorter. I have an oval shaped head and my hair needs to be easy to manage and take only about 5minutes to brush in the morning. I don’t really want it particularly short though. I don’t want a fringe either. I did have a fringe that I grew out in 2 parts so most of my hair is 24inches some is about 22inches and the rest is about 10 inches long. I want to be able to get it back to about how it looks already incase I don’t like it.

    Any ideas? Thanks for all help.

    BTW it may help to know I’m 15 and don’t want anything extreme like a pixie haircut or anything particularly short. I don’t like getting my hair cut anyway and basically scowl at hairdressers so nothing that’s going to take to long either.

  2. Coffee t says:

    It’s a very simple question. What is Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle called?
    I want to describe it to the barber without showing the picture, so how would you describe it?


    If the link does not work, search up “Justin Bieber new haircut”, and it should come up. It’s shorter than what he had before.

    No hate, or any off topic questions.

    Is the link if it doesn’t work. Just try to describe it the best you can.

  3. John says:

    ok i need a new hairsytle and i need a good hairstyle web sites that has picture i’m planning to get a new hairstyle and i need pictures so i can choose and also show what type of hairstyle i want to my hairstylist so anyone know good websites that have hairsyle pictures
    plz dont tell me those virtual website where i have to register just normal websites that show different pictures of hairstyle plz thanks

  4. Spider Pc says:

    without adding hairspray and mousse

  5. Michael C says:

    Hi! So today I cut my hair into a pixie cut, and it looks pretty good. The only thing that I am really worried about the people at school calling me gay and making fun of me. I am an outcast and no one really pays attention to me which I am very thankful for, but now with my hair short everyone will look at me. I also think I have social anxiety, and I am EXTREMELY shy which really sucks in this situation. So my question is do you guys know any way for me to hide or go unnoticed? Thank you so much.

  6. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I’m a 17 year old guy and I haven’t tried so many different hairstyles. I have a pretty common hair color but I don’t know which hairstyle that fits me the best. I have tried with middle-length but I only look like a girl when I have long and thick hair. About one year ago I changed to shorter, a bit spiky hairstyle. I like this pretty much but I don’t know if it’s the best haircut for me. Maybe I should try a shorter hairstyle that’s a bit simpler. I’m 100 % sure that I want it pretty short or at least ”shorter middle-length”. Just so you know how I’m usually dressed, I like to wear jeans and a nice shirt, like on the first pic. Here they are:



    The pics below are over 1 year old but I just want to show you that I don’t think that I look good with this kind of hairstyle:



    IMPORTANT: I want serious answers and not like dreadlocks and stuff like that

  7. RuMKilleR says:

    I have extensions in and Im looking for some simple styles too do, today’s my B-day and I’m kind of tired of this plain look.

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