How to do a Fishtail Braid – Everyday Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Hi my beautiful friends.  How are you all doing?  It’s Mimi here today and today’s tutorial is going to be on a very easy every day fishtail braid.  I personally have been obsessed with braids lately, but I don’t think it’s just me.

Casual Fishtail Braid Picture
Casual Fishtail Braid Picture
Easy Side Fishtail Braid for Women
Easy Side Fishtail Braid for Women
Everyday Fishtail Braid
Everyday Fishtail Braid
Side Fishtail Braid
Side Fishtail Braid

Every time I’m watching TV or going through magazines, braids are like, super, super hot right now.  So, I thought i would share with you another one of my favorite braids, which is a very wearable fishtail braid.  I know most of you girls would probably agree with me that a conventional fishtail braid takes forever to do.  It can take like, fifteen or twenty minutes, especially if you have long hair because you have to take small sections, bring it over, bring it over.

So, I personally do a completely different thing.  I take very chunky sections and it takes me about five minutes, so I thought I would share it with you because lately I’ve been wearing my hair like that quite a lot and everyone complements me and my friends are like, “I could never do it”, and I’m like, “yes you can, it’s so easy”.  So, [inaudible] for this tutorial – get into what we’re going to need for this. We’re really not going to need much – just a hair brush, hair elastics – just the little ones that you can’t really see them – and then I am wearing my Luxy hair extensions, 160 gram set in chocolate brown.  And I’m not wearing the full set because I’ll be wearing them on the side and it’s kind of tight in here.  I skipped on the clip, the one clip and the two clips that go here.  Other than that, I have the whole set.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is just brush the hair so there are no tangles or anything and then just put the hair in two like you normally would with a fishtail braid.  Now, the first thing you want to do – and if you girls haven’t seen my fishtail braid tutorial I’m going to link it in the info box below, but I think this one will probably be easier to grasp, especially if you’ve never done a fishtail braid.  So, all you do is take your index finger, take a section from here, and because I’m doing an everyday fishtail braid – very wearable, very easy, it’ll take you five minutes – you want to take bigger sections.  So, I’m going to take a section like this – it’s probably like half and inch, almost an inch.  You bring it over to the second section and then you just drop it there.  And now with you index finger over your left hand, take a section, bring it over and just drop it there. And then take your index finger, grab a section, bring it over – and I will be doing the exact same thing.  You just repeat the same steps – take a section with your index finger, bring it over, and then just drop it there.  Section, bring it over, drop.

And, you know, you don’t have to make perfect sections, you know.  Take chunky sections, big sections – you know, depending on how much time you have you can take bigger sections.  If your sections are too big it might look like a regular braid, but it will still look a little different.  So I am taking pretty big sections because I want to show you guys how easy it is to achieve this look in no time at all.  So just continue doing the exact same thing all the way down.  And this is where I’m probably going to stop – I’m almost at the end of the hair.   I’m just going to probably braid a little more and stop when I still have quite a lot of hair at the bottom – this much.  And I’m going to just take the elastic and you know, grab the end and just put the elastic through.

So the last step that you want to do is just fan the hair out just because you’re going to make it look way thicker.  So even if you’re doing this tutorial with your own hair and you think your hair is fine you know, you can create thickness just by you know, fanning out the hair and this is really all you’re going to be doing.  Very pretty, great for everyday because it still looks like a regular braid, but it’s just a little different than the regular braid.  I’m done.  I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.  Definitely give it a try and don’t forget to rate this video down below and leave a comment.  Thank you guys so much for watching.  Love you, and I’ll see you in the next tutorial.  Bye.

And here is another fishtail braid tutorial, enjoy.

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  • ademuth93

    i wear it in a pony everyday none of my teachers have seen it down only in ponytail. Like everyone says i look really really pretty either it down but in the morning i get up 10 minutes before school so i just brush it out and put it in a ponytail. I never have time to do anything nice. haha but also when i wear it down it annoys me and i never know what to do with it.. HELP me please
    Its wicked straight and long (mid back)
    Its super shiny and soft and i have a curler, straightener, and alotta other stuff

  • PolishPokeyPimp

    All I do with my hair is straighten it, cause thats all I can basically do with it! I can curl it but it takes at least an hour (usually 1 hr 30 min. but thats because I was trying to do my hair really good and I just started to learn to curl my hair, FINALLY.) and was still kinda scared of the curling iron being so close to my hand/head lol.) Anyways I just went to the hair salon and got a few layers, nothing to noticeable, but it does feel lighter. I thought about getting it thinned, but then I think it usually looks stringy and too thin, and to me, if not cut just right, a lot of things could go wrong with that lol. I’m horrible with hair anyways, but know I think I’ve finally figured out one reason why I’m so horrible at it is because I have so much hair (does that make sense?) Anyways its pathetic, because my hairs so think I CAN NOT even get it in a decent bun, like ballerina bun, top knot, anything special! (and that REALLY bothers me..) SO please give me suggestions on what I can do! and maybe hairstyles? I want to wear my hair up more and try more styles, oh and is getting your hair thinned even good for your hair? And if I try to scrunch my hair it doesnt do as good as the other girls hair does at school! They think I’m crazy for telling them my hair won’t curl/stay scrunched up so easily like theres cause theres is so light it will easily do what they want with it! :( I put my hair in a wet bun (with mouse, and gel) in hopes that it would turn out like my friends hair which was not just scrunched but curly and followed her instructions but nope! At the end of the day my hair was just kinda wavy! :(( PLEASE PLEASE HELP! (BTW my natural hair isnt horrible, its got some volume and only a LITTLE wavy (or flippy as I call it lol) and not that big..its just so thick so please help! :/ I want to try different hairstyles! :(((((((

  • callofduty5123412

    how do i fishtail braid my hair in pigtails?
    i have looked on youtube and it confuses me like hell.
    so videos aren’t really my thing so can someone show me pictures
    or explain like really good how to fishtail braid my hair please?

    my mom or grandma don’t know how to do this so thats the reason for asking.
    none of my friends know how to either.
    ahh it’s so hard.
    i understand how to do it but i can’t get it right on my own hair!

  • NC Baller

    Okay here’s What’s up..

    I’ve always been that girl who guys talk to all the time but would never date, that girl who sometimes hangs out with the cool girls but is more quiet around them, the girl that’s a bit more chubby than the rest but still can borrow some of everyone’s clothes, the girl thats a cheerleader but the biggest one on the squad who is less experienced and isnt as great, and lets not forget that girl with a huge A$$.. I want to change this summer and here’s what I want!
    •clear face!
    •soft skin
    •Skinny body
    •perky boobs (or some boobs at all would be great)
    •smaller thighs
    • my arms are big..
    • new way to fix my hair
    I have bangs and everyone at my school(including me) fixes there hair to a side part with their bangs to the side a bit past their eyebrow(pencil straight and sometime scrunched or kind of curly) I want a unique way to fix my hair. Tutorial videos please? :)
    • I want to be a trend setter to (which people sometimes follow me but I’m out of things to set?) Good trends to set at my school I guess is my question? Weather it’s a type a shirt (we wear shoulder shirts right now with bright colored sport bra strap that are see-able or a tee shirt and jeans) it could be a certain kind of bracelet or SOMETHING!
    Help! Help! Help!
    Please and Thank you!

  • Sophia C

    Okay so I usually wear my hair straight to school and stuff and occasionally I’ll straighten it or wave it, and I just wanna know if there are any other ways to wear my hair down?

  • Malcolm Hudson

    Please help, my hair has been feeling very flat and ordinary lately! I need something new besides a ponytail x

  • kiltakblog

    I have like really thin hair that goes like right below my shoulders & I either wear it up or down everyday and I need something new and cute to do to it. Any suggestions? Thanks ahead! (: