Kristen Stewart Messy Ponytail for Long Hair
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Kristen Stewart Messy Ponytail for Summer

It’s quite an easy task to smile at a camera with confidence when your hair looks as great as does actress Kristen Stewart’s.

Kristen gives a basic hairstyle a touch of sophistication by teasing the front section up and back to create the height that gives this ponytail its pizzazz. A few wispy stands left loose at the sides soften the look and add an aura of romance.

Kristen is wearing a thrilling black sleeveless romper ingeniously designed with panels of shiny leather and sheer lace, some portions with patterns of polka dots or flowers on the bodice and shorts. This ponytail is perfect for summer days.

Find more pictures of Kristen Stewart hairstyles here.

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2 thoughts on “Buzz Cut for Women – Karen Gillan’s Short Pixie Cut”

  1. Miguel M says:

    Can I pull off a buzz cut? And also, would I like OK using contacts instead of glasses?

    inb4 >You’re so damn skinny/ugly


  2. The Inc says:

    Im 14 and im getting a haircut tomorrow and am thinking about getting a buzz because its less to deal with and it seems more comfortable to play tennis in when i get sweaty. i wanted some peoples opinions on buzz cuts (mostly girls) (guys should only say weather they can feel the difference when playing sports

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