Cute Korean Short Haircut: Layered Bob with Feathered Ends & Fringe ❤

This sweet short brown bob hairstyle is completely on-trend with its ‘60’s inspired long fringe over the eyebrows!
Movement & texture

This short Asian bob hair was razor cut to produce lots of attractive movement in the forward styling. The ends at the back and sides were heavily textured to create a soft, feathered line and styled with a touch of wax to hug the face in a very flattering way.

Bowl-cut curves

The hair was blow-dried with a large, round brush to create a bowl-cut shape and the feathered curves brushing the sides of the face contrast nicely with the straight fringe.

This cute girls Korean bob hairstyle works particularly well on thick, straight hair which is heavy enough to allow for lots of layering and stay in place to show the beautifully textured ends.

The finished cute look is slightly tousled, with a few lightly waxed strands breaking the smooth surface of the hair for an ultra-trendy, casual look that really stands out in a crowd!

This cute bob haircut is great for thick hair! If you don’t like the blunt bangs, also you can try side bangs instead. ≧◡≦

Gallery of cute short Korean bob hairstyle

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  • Peter

    Well i have shortish (to my shoulders) thick black hair with straight across bangs and 2 blonde streaks at the front of my hair next to my face. i have a brownish skin tone..not dark dark but brown. i really like asian fashion like korean and japanese. im not going for that j-rock look really, although i don’t mind it i just don’t want something too extreme it wouldn’t work with my face/skin ya know? more like k-pop but im having trouble deciding how i should cut my hair (bangs specifically)…im waiting for it to grow out and i wanted to know what seems like the best “asian” hairstyle for me (i want longish hair hence the growing it out, but short layers can be used) i have no idea what to do with my thick bangs.. also with the blonde on the side should i dye it back to fit the hairstyle better?
    help! lol please and thank you

  • ConfusionnaJob

    I am a 16 year old korean male.
    I want to have nice, thin, STRAIGHT, layered medium length or long hair.
    I’m looking for that type of asian hairstyle but I can’t seem to find any pictures I like.
    I would want the hairstyles of some of the korean drama celebrities but I have no idea what their name is.
    Can anybody please show me nice pictures of asian hairstyles?
    It can’t be too long because my parents hate long hair.