Cute short blonde bob haircut with bangs - Nicole Richie short haircut

Pretty Textured Blonde Bob Haircut with Full Fringe – Nicole Richie Hairstyle

Most popular short cut for summer: the straight bob with bangs. This pretty blonde bob is great for reflecting light onto the face in a very flattering way!

The hair is razored into sliced sections, with heavily textured ends.  This creates a fabulous natural curve from the roots down to the wispy, tapered tips. And the subtle mix of three blonde shades emphasises the texture and movement in the precision-cut lengths.

Adding a touch of trendy asymmetry, the side parting divides the hair into contrasting sections.  Above the parting, the hair is styled smoothly over the top, with a full, side-swept fringe almost covering one eye for contemporary chic.

The gleaming hair drapes softly down the sides, creating a very attractive curved frame for Nicole’s lovely face!

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7 thoughts on “Ultra-Trendy Short ‘Rihanna’ Bowl Cut – Avant-Garde Hairstyle”

  1. shahrukh says:

    I want to get a asian styled hair cut for once, layered razored etc etc.

    I was wondering, do I need to go to a Asian Salon in order to get the proper style?

    Or can I go to a regular salon, get my haircut and style it myself?

    AND! How can I find a Asian salon, I’ve looked through the yellowpages but can’t really tell which on would be considered Asian.


  2. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    Today, I heard this Asian girl talking about this Aussie guy, and how he has an “Asian hairstyle.”
    She says she thinks it’s discusting, and eew when Aussies have Asian hairstyles
    And I saw this hairstyle on a girl, a while ago, and have wanted to get my hair cut like that. The girl is Asian though, and would they judge me?
    Also would the style fit me if I have black, straight hair? I am neither Asian or Aussie though.
    Also, if you know what exactly is an “Asian hairstyle?”
    Here’s how I want my hair:
    C:UsersWindows 7 UltimatePicturesasimmullt.jpg (the girl with the camera.)
    Sorry here’s a link.

  3. Heath says:

    Um no I’m not trying to be racist but by parents have been bugging me about how I don’t look Asian enough o.0 and how I don’t do anything for them so I’m going to change my hairstyle (…to look more Asian and make them happy).

    Pictures would be a great help, and I’d prefer to have some sort of side bangs and a longer style. By the way I have a square face. Thanks 🙂

  4. Alun J says:

    I am black and asian. I have curly/wavy hair. I was wondering how long would I have to wait too get an Asian Hairstyle. What would my procedure be for getting straight hair?

  5. DuckieM10 says:

    I’m trying to make those asian hairstyles but there’s a problem.
    My hair curls & i’m not asian.
    are there any suggestions you may have to help me achieve some asian styles i’m going for?
    should i ask for something specific on my next haircut?
    I think have the necessary items:
    A straightener
    Gatsby Moving Rubber
    I’m going for something like…

  6. skillz says:

    So I want to cut my hair into an asian mullet. Can someone give me some pics so i can show my hair dresser? Please don’t give me pics that are like crazy. Also if i do get an asian mullet, am I going to tease the crown every day?? I love my hair and i don’t want my hair to be damaged.

  7. Balla says:

    I’m a 15 male asian and I’m tired of my bowl shaped hair. My hair is just as long as my ears but my ears are huge so I kinda wanna cover them up a bit.

    I’m not too much into the anime hairstyles but i do think some of them are cool. And i don’t really want my hair to get dyed.

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