Medium curly hairstyle - Beachy wave hairstyle Shakira hair style

Shakira Hairstyle: Sexy Medium Curly Hairstyle – Tousled Beach Waves

This ultra-casual hair design is the perfect look for summer! It needs very little styling and you can pop in and out of the sea, without spoiling your hairdo at all!

The hair is lightly layered to add volume and curled into a pretty mass of tousled waves.  From the trendy center-parting, the waves create a really soft and flattering frame that beautifully accentuates Shakira’s perfect skin, eyes and mouth!

The colors are a carefully blended mix of caramel, honey and a slightly darker brown, which give lots of added depth and dimension.  If you like to ‘wash and go’ with a very natural but contemporary look, you can’t choose a better style than Shakira’s beautiful, beachy waves!

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3 thoughts on “10 Short Feminine Hairstyles”

  1. Praveen says:

    I want it to still look feminine. I have strong features so I’ll look like a boy in drag if it’s not, lol.

    But sadly, it can’t have a mohawk. As much as I wanted that, my school and my parents don’t approve.

    I’d like it to be really messy and stick up in places. And maybe have some long wispy pieces at the bottom. I dunno, surprise me.


  2. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    Okay I have really no idea what to do with my hair.SO YOU CAN DECIDE! fun huh? Colours,style,bangs, whatever! I’d prefer if you have a pic but I’ll forgive you if you don’t.I fall into the emo/scene style.But please don’t burn me for it. Just say i really don’t like that style but here is something you might like.Also am aware that i’m not too pretty so if you could keep those comments off here that would be great. Thanks.

  3. MexicanDude says:

    I recently got my hair cut really short (you can see in my profile picture) and most of my guy friends have been honest enough to say they don’t like it. I’m confident enough to not care that much what they think (because I like it), but do you think it’s seen an unfeminine to have short hair?

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