Short Sleek Hairstyle for Black Women - Celebrity Eve's Hairstyle
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Trendy African American Short Straight Haircut – Celebrity Eve’s Hairstyle

Layered short straight bob hair style with side swept bangs for thick hair

This sleek, beautifully tinted short hairstyle is a perfect match with Eve’s feline eyes and gorgeously warm skin tones!

Contemporary asymmetry flatters Eve’s slightly long face-shape with a side parting and side-swept parting.  This breaks up the length of the face and the trendy, extra-long fringe lightly covers the eye-brow on one side, before joining the straight, smooth sides.

The other side is tucked seductively behind one ear, with a cute flicked-up strand balancing the proportions perfectly!  The crown and sides are lightly back-combed, creating the attractive rounded silhouette and width at the sides, before curving in to a point just below the earlobe.

The caramel base color is densely highlighted with golden blonde, with more of the lighter shade around the face to soften the line and accentuate Eve’s lovely eyes!

This is one of the most popular African American short haircut this year.

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2 thoughts on “Trendy Short Chic Dark Haircut with Stylish Short Bangs”

  1. Mark M says:

    Hi, I have mid-shoulderblade length light brown hair.
    My bangs have grown out past my chin and I’m thinking of getting them cut. My hair is courly underneath, then wavy and slightly straighter on the top. I don’t blow-dry. and layers have never been my thing. Any suggestions for bangs? Pictures would be helpful!

    i need help because im getting it cut.

  2. Benihana says:

    I need cute pictures of haircuts with longer gunna get a haircut & i want bangs.i already have some but they’re not that cute.
    please help me find some pics so i can hopefully find what im looking for :]

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