Ultra-Trendy Short ‘Rihanna’ Bowl Cut – Avant-Garde Hairstyle

Simple casual short straight Asian hairstyle for women: trendy bowl cut. This trendy and sophisticated bowl-cut recreates a red-hot high fashion style made popular by Rihanna – but with an avant-garde twist!

Modern Short Japanese Haircut with Bangs - Mushroom Haircut
Modern Short Japanese Haircut with Bangs – Mushroom Haircut for Women
Rihanna bowl mushroom haircut
Rihanna bowl (mushroom) haircut

Quirky Points

This haircut shown here has a unique twist in the sharp feathered side-points, cut further forward than usual to hang below the main cutting line. This creates a space in front of the the ear where the points would normally be – and gives an edgy profile!

Fashionable fringe

The hair was combed forward from the crown and cut in a fashionably long, straight fringe with lightly textured ends, covering the eyebrows. At the temples, the hair is slightly longer, softening the line which continues around the head just covering the top of the ear.

The back was expertly trimmed into short layers graduated into the nape beneath the longer layers above.


This cool and sophisticated look is extremely easy to style and maintain with regular trims. The elegant profile accentuates the client’s lovely neck and shoulders, the edgy points highlight the cheekbones and the fringe draws attention to the eyes in this flattering haircut.

Usually the bowl cut is popular on men, but in recent years, also you can see a lot ladies wear bowl cut! Wear with dramatic pendant earrings for fashion-leading style!

Gallery of trendy short straight haircut: modern bowl cut

If you don’t like this bowl cut, you can find a lot stylish bowl cut on tumblr.

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  • shahrukh

    I want to get a asian styled hair cut for once, layered razored etc etc.

    I was wondering, do I need to go to a Asian Salon in order to get the proper style?

    Or can I go to a regular salon, get my haircut and style it myself?

    AND! How can I find a Asian salon, I’ve looked through the yellowpages but can’t really tell which on would be considered Asian.


  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Today, I heard this Asian girl talking about this Aussie guy, and how he has an “Asian hairstyle.”
    She says she thinks it’s discusting, and eew when Aussies have Asian hairstyles
    And I saw this hairstyle on a girl, a while ago, and have wanted to get my hair cut like that. The girl is Asian though, and would they judge me?
    Also would the style fit me if I have black, straight hair? I am neither Asian or Aussie though.
    Also, if you know what exactly is an “Asian hairstyle?”
    Here’s how I want my hair:
    C:UsersWindows 7 UltimatePicturesasimmullt.jpg (the girl with the camera.)
    Sorry here’s a link.

  • Heath

    Um no I’m not trying to be racist but by parents have been bugging me about how I don’t look Asian enough o.0 and how I don’t do anything for them so I’m going to change my hairstyle (…to look more Asian and make them happy).

    Pictures would be a great help, and I’d prefer to have some sort of side bangs and a longer style. By the way I have a square face. Thanks :)

  • Alun J

    I am black and asian. I have curly/wavy hair. I was wondering how long would I have to wait too get an Asian Hairstyle. What would my procedure be for getting straight hair?

  • DuckieM10

    I’m trying to make those asian hairstyles but there’s a problem.
    My hair curls & i’m not asian.
    are there any suggestions you may have to help me achieve some asian styles i’m going for?
    should i ask for something specific on my next haircut?
    I think have the necessary items:
    A straightener
    Gatsby Moving Rubber
    I’m going for something like…


  • skillz

    So I want to cut my hair into an asian mullet. Can someone give me some pics so i can show my hair dresser? Please don’t give me pics that are like crazy. Also if i do get an asian mullet, am I going to tease the crown every day?? I love my hair and i don’t want my hair to be damaged.

  • Balla

    I’m a 15 male asian and I’m tired of my bowl shaped hair. My hair is just as long as my ears but my ears are huge so I kinda wanna cover them up a bit.

    I’m not too much into the anime hairstyles but i do think some of them are cool. And i don’t really want my hair to get dyed.