Best Short Haircut for Women – Chic Pixie Cut

Simple easy daily short haircut for women – the layered pixie cut

If you have a big nose here’s a short cut that will really give you something to smile about!

The wispy outline and forward movement of this pixie cut show that short hairstyles can be varied to soften and flatter the facial features brilliantly! To minimize a large nose, layering and lots of interesting texture and movement are a great way to direct attention away from your schnozz.

A short haircut aimed at minimising a big nose, should never be styled back away from the face as this would make your nose more noticeable. However, this ‘forward’ movement is one of the few short cuts you can wear.

The deep side-parting is very fashionable for 2015-2016 and the long side-swept fringe makes strong focal point between the ear and the mouth on one side. This is a great way to shift attention to your smile and away from your nose!

Add some harmonising lowlights to accentuate the tips of the long fringe and wear a soft, red lip-colour for maximum impact! This short pixie cut is great for any ages! If you’re going to cut your hair short this season, why not consider this one? Or find more pixie cuts here.

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