Cute Short Soft Wavy Hairstyle for Women – Really CUTE!

Short hairstyles for women

Chic short ombre hair for summer – textured soft wavy bob cut!

Although fine straight hair struggles to show much volume in long styles, this soft wavy bob hair style is a great choice for fine – medium thick straight hair. The style is a short hairstyle at the back, where stacked cutting will boost the natural volume of your hair, but a longer hairstyle at the front!

But the magic touch that gives this pretty look its added body and style comes from the curl and the colours. First of all, loose twisted waves at the sides add lots of extra width to otherwise limp hair. Secondly, the use of dual highlighting colours, on top of the natural base colour, give the impression of the multiple, natural glints you typically see in thick hair.

This is a great short hairstyle to flatter a long face as it has no extra height on top and finishes just an inch or two below the chin. And those lovely smooth waves frame the face in a very attractive way! If you want a trendy look for otherwise mousey hair, adding warm honey and caramel or coppery highlights in thick strands is a super way to liven up your hair in a very fashionable way!

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