Easy and Elegant Homecoming Hairstyles

Red Carpet Side Ponytail for Homecoming

Homecoming is a special event and looking stunning for that evening is extremely important. However, stressing yourself out just to come up with the right way to style your hair is not necessary. There are easy to do styling techniques which can transform you from ordinary-looking to an ultimate bombshell.

Yes, you do not need to spend a lot of cash and time for a platoon of stylists to create the perfect homecoming hairstyle. Here are some options from hairstylesweekly.com which would only take a few minutes to do:

Homecoming Hairstyles: Red Carpet Side Ponytail

Red Carpet Side Ponytail for Homecoming 2013
Red Carpet Side Ponytail for Homecoming

Intricate hair styles are not the only option when it comes to prepping up for the homecoming. Oftentimes, beauty lies in simplicity. A side pony tail that is red carpet worthy is way too easy to do. This is applicable for women who have long tresses so their hair would add a more feminine touch on their look. To start doing this style, blow dry using high settings from the roots to the tips. Your goal is to straighten out the strands to achieve a smooth look. Create a side partition and back comb your hair towards one side. After tying all strands with an elastic, grab a small segment of your hair and wind it on top of the band. This conceals it so the look would be even more elegant. When doing the side ponytail, make sure that the crown area remains smooth and flat. (Gallery of loose ponytail – Gallery of popular ponytail hairstyles)

Homecoming Hairstyles: Formal French Twist

2013 -2014 Formal French Twist for homecoming
Formal French Twist for homecoming

Nothing screams elegance more than a traditional and simple French twist. Ever wonder how this interesting bun is done? How come there seems to be no clip or band which holds it in place. To get this look, you need the comb all your hair up to the crown area. From there, twist it tightly while working downwards to the nape. After twisting, there would most likely be some loose ends. Tuck this into the twist and try your best to conceal everything. Strategically placing the bobby pins will make your French twist look like it is holding on its own. Use some hair spray on the topmost layer of your updo to keep it neat. (Gallery of french twist updos)

Homecoming Hairstyles: Graceful Half Updo

Graceful Half Updo for Homecoming
Graceful Half Updo for Homecoming

If you want some hair movement during the homecoming, you do not have to tie all the strands up. Gather the crown section of your hair until the ones close to the ears. Use a fine tooth comb to smoothen the topmost layer of your hair. Once you have combed everything properly, you simply need to use an adorable barrette or an accentuated band to hold your half updo. To add a little more flair to your style, you can also curl your hair using hot rollers or curling iron. (Gallery of celebrity half up half down updos)

Looking fantastic during the homecoming is not too difficult. Try out one of these styles and see which one would compliment the dress that you plan to wear. Be willing to add a little personal touch to these styles so your look would be unique. Keep in mind that the simpler your hair style is, the easier it is to let your natural beauty captivate everyone around you.

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