Edgy Razor Cut with Highlights – Winona Ryder’s Layered Short Bob Cut

Winona Ryder layered short messy hairstyle with bangs

Cool layered messy short haircut for women

This edgy razor cut and fabulous colour look great on Winona Ryder and highlights her individual style perfectly!

This bob is layered through and takes advantage of a little natural wave in Winona Ryder’s hair to create lots of lively movement.  The trendy, long fringe is casually divided to reveal the forehead and hangs in rebellious strands over Winona Ryder’s eyes, emphasising the undone vibe.

The chin length cut is face-flattering and the lightly flicked up ends also keep the focus on Winona Ryder’s pretty facial features.  The styling is tousled with defined strands around the neck and sides all adding to the contemporary look.

The beautifully rich brown colour accentuates Winona Ryder’s fabulous eyes and the subtle copper and honey balayage accents give warmth and dimension.  This is the ultimate trend-setting cut which is less ‘bed-head’ and more ‘jus’ been rollin’ round in the hay-barn’! If you’re looking for an awesome short summer haircut, try this one.

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