How to Choose the Right Curling Technique?

From curlers to curling irons, there are many different ways to curl your hair. Not only are the techniques different, the tools and products used are different as well. Sometimes the best way to curl your hair is based on your hair type, or how much time you have to spend on your hairstyle. All of these things considered, here are five different ways to curl your hair, how it’s done and the pros and cons of each technique.

Foam hair rollers

Sponge Curlers– The advantage of sponge curlers is that you can achieve curls without using heat. Sponge curlers, unlike hard rollers, are easy to sleep on and will give you light, wispy curls. For the best results, leave sponge curlers in overnight or for at least eight hours. Use a hair gel to define each section of hair before putting them into the curlers. Because you can sleep in sponge curlers, the time spent curling is only equal to the time spent rolling your hair and applying a product to define the curls before bed.

Cons: Although foam rollers are generally good for all hair types, they do have the tendency to make naturally curly hair frizzy– especially short, curly hair. If you have curly hair and definition is all you are after, stay away from foam rollers and opt for a hard rollers or curling rods.

Heated hair rollersHard Curlers- When you think of hard curlers, think of “big hair.” If you’re looking for waves and overall volume, hard curlers are the way to go. These curlers are also usually used with heat, whether it’s sitting under a dryer or using electric curlers that you can plug in and put in your hair. To use them, simply part your hair and roll up each section you want to curl.

Cons: Other than waves and volume, you may not get much curl definition from this technique. If tighter curls is what you are after, a curling iron or curling rods would be a better choice. Also, most people find sleeping with hard curlers terribly uncomfortable, so you will need at least one hour drying time with heat or 12-14 hours drying time without heat for this technique.

Curling Iron

The curling iron is the a fan favorite for its versatility. You can make curls as tight or as loose as you want. Depending the barrel size, you also can make big curls or small ones, loose ones or tight ones. Curling your hair with an iron is quick– after the barrel heats up, clamp each section of your hair and let it curl for 5-7 seconds.

Cons: It’s never good to use too much heat on your hair, so if you plan on curling your hair pretty often, using a curling iron is not something you’ll want to do. Curling can also be time consuming if you have long hair, as you will have to curl each piece of hair individually. With a curling iron, plan to spend anywhere between 15-minutes and 2 hours styling, depending on your hair length and hair type.

Hair Gel

Curling Gel- Using a curling gel like Sebastian Texturizer Gel is arguably one of the easiest ways to curl your hair. Dampen your hair and spread the gel generously throughout. After that, turn your hair dryer on low and scrunch your hair with your hands. Keep scrunching until curls harden.

Cons: Depending on your hair type (thick or thin), it can take a lot of gel for this technique to work. This technique works the best on naturally wavy hair that is not too thick or hair that is cut into thin layers.

Hair Rods

Curling Rods- Curling rods are flexible and fun. They curl and bend into all sorts of shapes, making it easy to obtain almost any type of curl you want. If you are into the “Shirley Temple” curl, curling rods will give you this look flawlessly. If your hair is naturally curly, the curling rod curls can last up to a week or until your next wash.

Cons: You will need at least eight hours for your hair to curl. You will also need to make sure that your rods are bended securely and so they don’t fall out if you are wearing them at night.

Try all of these techniques and see which one works best for you. You can mix and match, using some techniques some days and others on the other days. You can also use more than one technique at one time. However, you decide to curl your hair, make sure you take into account how you will maintain your curls and the overall health of your hair. Happy curling!

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