Jessica Alba Long Hairstyle: Glamour Retro Hair Style

Jessica Alba Glamour Retro Long Hairstyles

Formal Long Wavy Hairstyles for Women
Jessica has opted for soft old school Hollywood glamor for the Met Gala, she styled her sleek hair in long smooth waves for the event, creating a soft wave and movement that graduates through to the ends. This can be achieved through a very pronounced blow dry that builds in movement but retains a softness.

How to do Jessica Alba’s Long Wavy Hairstyle at Met Gala

Use a medium to small barrel brush and L’Oreal Professionel Pli, divide the hair into sections and blow out. Each section on completion should be pinned up for 3-4 minutes, and when gently releasing them all, make sure the movement is combed out very lightly with a thick comb, almost in a raking stroke, it’s very important not to brush this out.

A small amount of L’Oreal Mythic Oil – light pulled through wet hair at the start will enhance the polish of the finish. Hold with L’Oreal Infinium Hairspray gives medium to strong hold with absolutely no change to the look or texture. Its small particles evenly distribute perfectly for the final step in finishing the blow dry. Hold hairspray 10 inches from the hair and spray gently.

The color and condition here is crucial: Ask your stylist for classic highlights on a rich dark base brown using either L’Oreal Inoa color or L’Oreal Richesse, using soft caramel tones to soften without taking away the shine achieved from a darker color.

Do you love this hair style from Jessica? This is a grat long hairstyle for spacial occasion.

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