Long Blonde Straight Hairstyle for Women – Nicki Minaj Hair Style

Nicki Minaj Long Blonde Straight Hairstyle

Nicki Minaj is blond all the way to the roots in Sydney, Australia at the 26th Annual Aria Awards 2012 event.

Nicki’s hair is parted dead center and falls to past the bust. It seems as if every color that is not in her monochromatic butter blond hair is found in her colorful outfit made up of a midriff-bearing top with floor-length fringe which color shifts from pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Her fitted leggings boast an equally dramatic color palette of prints and patterns. Nicki Minaj’s hair is extremely straight, which is fitting when wearing such a groovy outfit!

This simple long sleek hairstyle will need regular trims to prevent split ends maintaining a healthy look and feel.

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