Short Hairstyle for Mature Women Over 60 from Paula Deen

Paula Deen Hairstyles - Best short haircut for women over 60

A Lesson in Sixties Hair Styling!

No, not the 1960’s – we’re talking about women in their sixties here!

Popular hairstyle for women over 60: Making allowances for cosmetic surgery and professional photography, you still have to agree that Paula looks fabulous in this flattering haircut and color!

The white hair has just a hint of blue, which chimes with Paula’s pretty blue eyes and suits her fair skin tone perfectly.  There are grey tones in there, too, which look natural and add depth.

The style is well-structured, with attractive height on top and a light fringe of defined strands with textured ends, drawing attention away from forehead lines and accentuating the eyes.

And the flicked-back side waves add width and lift, whilst short tresses curve onto the face, framing it beautifully.

With the length and silhouette perfectly in proportion with Paula’s dainty features, this contemporary style is perfect for mature fashion fans!

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