Short Hairstyle Trends for This Year

Short Hairstyles are on the Horizon and are coming on strong as one of the most requested styles of the Season!  These styles are varied to the extreme and women seem to be in the market for drastic changes in their appearances for the coming year in fashion.  So if you are considering taking the big leap and going for a sassy short style, you will be in good company.  We will be seeing many Vintage inspired looks starting with influence from the Finger Waves and Rolled Creations of the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1940’s.  The Pin-up Girls of the era, such as Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grabble, Rita Hayworth and Jane Russell, influenced the styles of the Time.

2013 short hair trends
short hair trends

While short styles were not seen a great deal in the 40s, the ones such as the ones pictured here were shorter versions of the mid-length waved styles that were so often seen.  These styles speak of elegance and grace while drawing attention to the face and can give the illusion of a long neck even when one is not graced with one naturally.  If your daytime style is more cutting edge and professional, the soft lines of the Hollywood Starlet’s hairstyles of bygone days are a fitting change for those classy evening events or weddings in your future.

The full look of the Bouffant of the 1960s Sex Kittens such as Brigitte Bardot will make an appearance again in 2014.  While not an all over back comb, (or tease) one might simply “bump up” the top a bit on those styles with a fuller crown, along with giving a longer bang a bit of a lift.  The result is a modern twist on an always popular classic.

2013 short hair styles
short hair styles

This will give you more of that 60s Retro look.   Last but not least is, The Pixie.   This close to the scalp hairstyle is very short all over the head and usually frames the face, accentuating the eyes.  The Pixie brings to mind Mary Martin in her portrayal of Peter Pan.

Headbands were seen quite often during the 60s as well, and since hair accessories are on the rise in 2014 that makes headbands, combs and Barrettes   good choices also.

short hair style trends

Punk is back!  Many of the short styles of 2013 are reminiscent of the wild “dos” of the 1980s, stars of the era such as Joan Jett , Cyndi Lauper and Madonna who wore their hair in many lengths,  styles and colors over the years, seemed to take pride in keeping one thing  constant; their styles  which spoke of confidence and individuality.

Cyndi Lauper was not only known for her wild hairstyles but also for the kaleidoscope of hair colors she wore, often at the same time.  She was almost single handedly responsible for bringing the Punk Rocker color trend into the lime light and it’s back, in spades!  While Cyndi Lauper brings wild and crazy colors to mind, the person most thought of when it comes to radiating confidence was and often still is “The Material Girl -” Madonna.  She always dared to be different both in her appearance, which was controversial more times than not, but in her personality as well.   The Punk Look for 2013 is very similar to the 80s version, however the up and coming look is a bit more polished and sharp looking than that of the styles of that decade.  If you have a strong personality like that of the 80’s ladies mentioned herein, and want to make a statement that is just as strong, this may be the look to consider.  Then when you decide to go for it, just stand up and show off your new look and exclaim;”I’m not Afraid to be Me !” and you’ll be off and running with your new found confidence .  Isn’t it amazing what a brand new look can do for you?!


punk hairstyles 2013
punk hairstyles 

Speaking of a Brand New Look, before you make any final decisions on a style, there are some things to consider.  Firstly you should consider your facial shape and lifestyle.  If you have a round or heart shaped face, a short hairstyle is most definitely something you will like when you look in the mirror.  Short haircuts look great on other facial shapes as well, but round and heart shapes are ideal.  If you have another facial shape such as square for instance you might want to consider an asymmetrical short style for example.  Which brings us again to the most important point, which cannot be stressed enough; always talk to your Hairdresser before making any final decisions on a new look of any kind.  They have knowledge and tips from many years of experience.  Not to mention the extensive education your hairdresser has under his /her belt.  Not to mention the continuing education classes and hair shows they attend in order to keep up with changing trends.

So as you can see, there is no one better suited or more informed than your trusted hairdresser.  Put your trust in them and they will not steer you wrong, after all-if you have been seeing them for any length of time, who knows you better where your hair is concerned?  Not only from a technical stand point, but also from the point of knowing where your tastes tend to run.  They will take the time to meet with you to insure that you are able to make an informed decision and in the end receive the best hairstyle you could possibly have.  Contrary to popular belief, just because it is short does not mean your hair is easier to take care of.  Your new  hairstyle  is  still  going  to  take  work  ladies !    On the up side, you will use less product, shampoo, conditioner, color etc.  It will take less time to dry, curl etc., but make no mistake it is, in the end, still work.  Don’t mean to “rain on your parade” just wanted to be sure you are fully informed and have been given the facts and not half truths as to upkeep etc.  The price we pay to be gorgeous right?!   It is all worth it though, when someone compliments us on how beautiful we look. . Isn’t It? Find more styles on

Speaking of informed decisions, would you like to know even more about some of the different trends in short styles for 2013?  Please read on then, and in the end you will have the knowledge to take to your Consultation with your Hairdresser to further explore your choices for your new look!

Popular short hairstyles: The Short Bob is back, and there is a seemingly endless selection of looks you can achieve with such a Classic Cut.  The 40’s Waves can be very romantic for an elegant night out on the town or for a formal engagement.  This look can be achieved either with a Blunt or Layered Bob- taking care should you decide on the Layered version that you request Long Layers.  Your waves can be left   smooth and extremely defined through the use of gel for a more vintage Hollywood Starlet Look, or you can tousle them a bit for a flirtier look. Curl either applied to the ends of the hair after waving or just wearing a profusion of ringlets also makes for a very “old world” feminine look if that is your preference.


2013 bob hairstyles
 bob hairstyles

To get the Sexy, Pouty look of the 60’s ,  just throw a little lift in the crown to “bump it up” and if you have a bang give it a little lift as well , blend everything together and apply some spray with a good holding ability all over.  The result of all this “teasing”, to coin an old phrase, is something reminiscent of the Sex Kitten’s Bouffants of the era.  If you would rather go with a more modern, sharply defined look you might opt for angles cut into your Bob.  These styles are normally shorter in the back and come to a longer, sharp point in the front.  They might also just simply be given some definition in the crown and in the front and styled with finishing product for a “textured” messy look.

short haircuts: Speaking of Angles, the Asymmetrical, and Layered Looks are also going to be Hot for this year.  These cuts run the gambit from very short basic layered, reasonably low-maintenance cuts to intricate works of art straight out of your Hairdresser’s imagination!  Maybe even from your own imagination if you are so inclined.  You might want to go with a long bang coming to a point over the eye for instance, while the back might be “stacked” or cut in an ”Inverted V”  – which was very popular in the late 80s and into the 90s.   These looks lend themselves to the new color trends very well also.  You might want to go with Gothic Black, which is going to be much sought after for 2013, and add some bright blue highlights in strategic places around the face and a few more strands here and there anywhere you want to draw the eye. .

 hair style trends

A logical place to cover next is The Punk Look; again this can be in varying lengths even when one is speaking of a short haircut.  This wide-ranging style can adapt to everything from shaving one side of the head, and leaving a cascade of fiery red curls on the other side; to a long, spiky- highly textured look. This style lends itself well to Pastel or Jewel Toned highlights which are applied by weaving the color through the hair.  One look that could be considered Punk ,or if toned down- a Modern Edgy look is one that adds a great deal of texture in the front and crown, which has been left a bit longer and fuller; and the back is very close to the head and tapered down onto the neck.  The difference in if it is considered Punk or simply Trendy would be determined by the techniques used to cut the hair and how textured etc. the end product is in its appearance.  Of course your choice in color would be a deciding factor as well.  Of course the more intense the color or the brighter the blue or pink etc. would be more of a Punk look,  where as a warm brown with golden blonde highlights would be Edgy and Trendy.

hairstyles 2013

It is no wonder that Shorter Hair is proving to be such a popular choice, as the more fashion savvy among us begin to look to this time.  The new styles for the year will not only be versatile but fun and stylish.  With so much to give us inspiration – from The Golden Age of Hollywood up through the last decade, we should never be at a loss to be both unique and comfortable in our choice of hairstyle.  So by all means dive right in, and above all- have fun creating a new you for this year!

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