Short Mushroom Haircut for Women

Short mushroom haircut

Short straight hairstyle for women – the mushroom cut

This short haircut was known as a, ‘mushroom cut’, the last time it was in fashion to describe the attractive shape you get with this new short hairstyle for 2015.

Longer layers are cut around the head, almost like the bowl-cut, but then the lower layers at the sides and back are strongly graduated down to the ends. There’s an attractive dark-brown outline flowing around the side-points, up and over the ears and then down to the lightly curved nape.

Finally, lots of strongly contrasting light-blonde highlights echo that curvy outline just a couple of inches above, which is a highlight pattern that’s fresh and very effective. The highlights also add more texture to the smoothly styled top section and make the hair appear thicker.

It’s a very easy style to wash and dry in just a few minutes and one that I’m sure we’ll all be seeing a lot of this year!

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