Softball Hair – Braided Hairstyle & Ponytail for Sports

Side View of Girls Softball Hair - Braided Hairstyle & Ponytail for Sports

Softball hair ideas: Woven Head Braid & Pony-Tail

Braid Wrapped High Ponytail Blonde Ponytail: Sophisticated braiding is creatively contrasted with a straight, natural pony-tail to produce a multi-textured and ultra-trendy young look!

Swept off the face and separated into pretty sections, the darker roots create a softly patterned band of texture around the head.  The second layer of pattern is provided by the lovely pale blonde braided circlet, which makes a bright contrast with the roots.

And then the texture changes again, into the smooth hair fastened in a straight pony-tail, at the center back!

This amazing cute braided ponytail hairstyle accentuates the face and neck with the upswept woven texture and then shows that it is actually a very contemporary twist on the traditional, sporty pony-tail!

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