Solange Knowles Short Naturally Curly Hairstyle

Solange Knowles Short Natural Curly Hairstyle

Solange Knowles has combed her thick, tightly coiled hair up and away from her scalp to form a stunning curly afro.

The more that you comb or brush an afro hairstyle, the less and less defined the curls are.  So Solange has managed a unique look by combing her hair enough to attain to extensive heights while leaving enough curls intact that they can be seen peeking through and crowning the radius of this glorious halo of hair.  Tightly curled hair like Solange’s that has not been straightened with chemicals is the best in order to achieve the most natural-looking version of the afro hairstyle.

This stlyish short black curly hair style is great for round, oval, heart, and diamond face shapes!

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